Vintage Ad: The Sheaffer Hikes Alaskan Trails

For all you fountain pen addicts and retro lovers out there, a vintage Sheaffer advertisement from 1919. (Click to see a larger version.)

Sheaffer Vintage Ad

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Happy Habits...

Doug -
I've been meaning to thank you for posting this great ad. Is it from your own collection, or did you find it on the 'net somewhere?

I love the language - "fussy-like" men in the great land of "do things" with "a happy habit"!!

I don't know about the "fussy" part, but definitely DIYP is also a great place of do-things and happy habits ... SO appropriate!


yes, agreed


roketgrrl, I second your emotion.

and thanks doug; that was pure poetry


Retro Ads

This one is actually an odd-man-out from a clip art collection. (I know I was surprised to find it there, at least.)

I'm planning on posting a few more ads for your viewing pleasure, ranging from the late 1890's to the 1950's.

all my best,