A Note About Methodology

The D*I*Y Planner system was originally based upon Getting Things Done (a.k.a., GTD), the excellent productivity system and book of the same name by David Allen. This was a direct result of the influence that Mr. Allen's ideas had upon the designer, Douglas Johnston, and as such, many of the templates and the methods and examples given in this handbook are directly inspired by GTD.

We should point out, however, that the templates and methods here are not necessarily representative of only the GTD productivity system. Especially with version 3.0, we have made every effort possible to make our forms 'organisationally agnostic', so that they can be used with other popular productivity systems, including Covey's First Things First, and whatever system you choose to invent yourself. Complete flexibility, adaptable to any time/life management you see fit, is our goal, and it is not an easy one.

That being said, GTD is essentially our starting point, and if the templates and instructions here intrique you, we heartily suggest purchasing a copy of Mr. Allen's books or audiobooks.

In the meantime, please feel free to wander among the articles and forums at DIYPlanner.com to see how other people are implementing paper-based productivity systems. Many of the members are quite up for discussion, and inspiration lurks everywhere.

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