Fellowes 72012 wire file sorter - help


I need some help finding a UK supplier of these and so far after much Googling I have had no luck and can only find US suppliers who don't ship to the UK. If anyone knows of anywhere in the UK or would be prepared to buy and ship a couple to me I would be very grateful.



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Fellowes not your fellows?

Taking a look at the Fellowes web site I can't see anything that matchs what you want. Not everything they make is available in every locale; maybe your sorter is one of those things that isn't here.

Thanks Reepicheep I did look

Thanks Reepicheep I did look on the UK site and couldn't see it so I emailed to see if was available, maybe a special order or similar, because I could only see it on the US site and no one on ebay had them. So I was stumped :-) seems every useful thing I want lately is only available in the US; I find it odd that companies that supply such standard items like office equipment have different ranges dependent upon where in the world you are.



Search by retailer ?

Who are the Staples and Office Depots in the UK ?
Try them
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Thanks for the replies, I

Thanks for the replies, I have checked the usual Office Depot/Staples etc and no joy.

I will try Mayfair stationers but I suspect I will need to arrange a reciprocal agreement with someone who wants something that's UK only.

Thanks again for your help.


email suppliers

Have you tried emailing one of the UK suppliers? eg. mayfairstationers.co.uk

Alternatively, there were a few people asking here for someone to buy something in the UK and ship it to the USA. Perhaps they'll be willing to return a favour



Is there some particular reason it has to be this brand? Surely there are other brands of wire file sorters that ARE available in the UK?


Amazon has them

Hi Al,

Amazon.com has 72012 sorter for sale and they'll post things anywhere. So you should be able to get it from there.

If not, there's something vaguely similar on Amazon UK

The sorters are also known as 'desktop organisers' and 'collators' on some sites


Hi Shris,
Amazingly there doesn't appear to be a single wire sorter for sale in the UK. Or they're called something else there

Have you contacted Fellowes ?

They may be able to help.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Hi Guys Thanks for all the

Hi Guys

Thanks for all the help, I did try Fellowes but got no reply so far.

Hi Shris - I want this one because it looked suitable for notebooks as well and it's a nice clean minimal design.

Katrina (thanks for the link - I will check it out) is right - we just don't seem to have wire file sorters in the UK that I can find, I must admit finding one is becoming a bit of an obsession :-)

I think the only answer will be when someone wants a UK only item we can swap via airmail, so if anyone knows anyone in the US please point them to me.

Thanks again for all the help


I'd order from amazon.com

I live in the United States and have used the British amazon.com several times when something wasn't available on the USA amazon. I've always been pleased with the speed of delivery. The most recent thing I ordered was a dvd which was actually located in Austria, but was being offered for sale on British amazon.com. I ordered on amazon same as I place any other amazon order, and had the dvd in 5 DAYS from the date I first saw it. The guys that own the Austrian music store wrote me a very nice note, and I've become a semi-regular customer of theirs directly since then. They deliver FASTER from Austria, than many items I order from within the United States. Unless they specifically state that they won't ship to your country, you shouldn't have any trouble getting it.

monkey office

I'd be willing to work out a swap. But, before you go down that road would any of these products from MonkeyOffice work out for you?


(love that store name!)



Hi Guys

Thanks for all of the support, I have done a swap deal so I am now very excited and will be watching the post :-)


Ps. Monkey office - very cool name!!!