Office Max New Organization System

Check out this new organization system from Office Max. They have teamed up with Peter Walsh to market a new system. I will be going to Office Max shortly.

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Especially that intro animation !
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that is a great interactive website.

let us know how you like the goods if you try them :)

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can anyone see prices

i'm going in circles, every link i click takes me back to the interactive. Looking for prices on the envelopes and sleeves. Was planning a levenger order but may go by OM instead. Great timing!

Just go to the website

and search for inplace. :)

I tried that yesterday and it didn't work

Maybe there were too many of us hitting it at the same time :)

Am I missing something?

Except for maybe a snazzy plastic carrying pouch, I'm not sure what this is about. Is it just coordinated supplies? What I could see in that little dancing animation was what looked like the usual complement of post-it flags, hanging files, etc.. Or is this a whole organizing "system" and not really supply-based? Our local Office Max went belly-up a while ago, so I can't check these out in person. Report back!



They're presenting it as a system, but it's a bunch of parts. A kit or two seems to have been assembled also, but it's just a different look if you ask me.

The exception is the clip-tags and the marker. If you notice, it's a zwipes-alike, minus the fat ends and translucent styling..


A collection of parts

It's a collection of parts. But all matchy parts that hit the "ooo shiny and new" button on the office supply junky side of me.

Makes me want to go to

Makes me want to go to Office Max. When someone gets em post a review if ya can.

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My review

I purchased some of the translucent file folders, hanging files, and a desk sorter. Although these are almost Levenger expensive, they are very high quality.

I like the translucent file folders quite a bit. They are sturdy and stand up in a sorter like manila folders, unlike most see-through plastic folders. The system is designed so that one uses post-it notes for file labels, and the folders have marks to facilitate alignment of the post-its. The idea is that one can move the post-it label to a different position if one adds folders in a drawer or sorter, so that the label is always visible. I didn't think I would like this, because I predicted that the post-it might get in the way of the file contents, but it seems to work pretty well. (One can always use regular file labels.) The files are also notched at the bottom so that they fit ridges in the desk sorter, preventing the file folders from sliding laterally. This does help keep things tidy.

The hanging files interlock, so one can group the files together for projects, if wanted. The interlocking also prevents one from accidentally filing a paper between files. My file cabinet needs to be a millimeter wider for these to work perfectly, as there is just enough bend in the metal hangers to cause the interlocking mechanism to come apart in places. However, one can supplement the interlocking with a mini binder clip, if necessary. These do look as though they will last a long time, though, although I do not know if they could readily handle large files, as I sometimes have with regular hanging files.

The desk sorter is expensive but very nice. It has a hefty weight to keep it in place, and the dividers can be removed if one has a large file. The dividers also tip forward so one can see the contents of a file in the back without removing it. And, again, with the notched file folders, everything is nice and tidy. The dividers are clear, too, so one can read the contents of the front file through the divider.

I did not purchase any of the other items. I generally don't like plastic expanding files, and I held the same opinion of the InPlace one. One can also get cheaper versions of the other items (the magazine file, the file carrier, etc.), and these did not seem any more substantial than the cheaper ones. They all look good together, but I drew the line at coordination with the products I purchased.

Because of the expense, and because I used many, many file folders in my work, I decided to use these for folders that I needed to be sitting out on my desk. For archiving and other needs, I'm staying with the cheaper manila folders.