Anyone recommend the Kodak printer?

Hi, can anyone recommend the Kodak printer seen on TV? The ink is so much cheaper even though the printer is more expensive ($250). I have always used HP because of the paper path while loading, however, their ink cost is going through the roof.

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Model number, please ?

I cannot recall seeing a TV commercial for a Kodak printer.
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I got these off the Kodak site. I have heard they are quite a bit cheaper on ink as well as having Kodak quality. ??

Kodak All-in-One Printers

I've posted elsewhere with similar comments, but I can recommend the Kodak EP printers. I've owned one for several years and recently bought one for my 85-year-old mother-in-law, who loves it. She replaced an Epson All-in-One that failed when a small but unreplaceable plastic part broke.

The ink savings are real. See independent Spencer Labs ratings or several of the on-line calculators for examples. You do pay a little more for the printer, but if you're an average or heavy users, you'll make it up easily in the consumables.

The color is the high quality you'd expect from Kodak and independent labs have rated it very highly for image permanence (little known fact: the printer also applies an overcoat to the image to aid in the look and the lifetime of the prints).

It uses only two cartridges, a colour and a B&W plus overcoat. Depending on your preference, that's a plus or a minus. My mother-in-law likes that she need stock only two replacements, instead of four or six. Plus, she said it eliminates the frustration of searching and not finding the one cartridge you need at the local office supply place.

The cartridges are filled proportionally, based on the analysis of thousands of consumer photos, so that the inks in the colour cartridge tend to run out at the same time. If your colour printing differs greatly from the average, this may not work out for you. It works well for me.

The software is basic and very easy to use, but it can be a bit intrusive (it always wants to read my USB pen drive when I insert it). You can always use your own preferred software.

I've never had to call their tech support line, but my mother-in-law, a relative newbie, did and phoned to praise the "very nice man" who walked her through a scanning question. She said the scan and print were much better than the one she obtained using her old Epson.

Hope these comments help.

Thanks for your response...

it has really helped. I will order one online. I am sue it will work for me. One question about the printhead. Does it come with the cartridge or is it on the machine? Thanks.

Kodak EP Printers

The print head is part of the machine. So far I have not had to replace mine. I did hear of one person whose print head failed, but Kodak shipped him a new one at no charge. I presume his was defective.

Kodak ESP-3

This printer all in one does not work and anyone to buy one i wouldnt
it doesnt scan and printing i have print 27 pages and it has ran out of ink and to replace with new the new will not work and the copy of a item doesnt work either. i have always liked Kodak items but not now i cant buy another printer so Kodak recall these printers and get it right