Levenger Bookcloth Vs. Leather foldover, which do you like best?

Hi, I have been a silent observer here but though I'd post to get your opinion. Levenger has a great sale going on, it looks like they are fazing out their PDA line. I want to buy a PDA notebook. Now I can get two bookcloth notebooks for $9.95 each or one leather foldover notebook for $19.95. The bookcloth notebooks have an elastic closure and pen holder, the leather doesn't. I'm curious what you would recommend? Thanks.

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For PDA, I prefer...

the plastic cover. The others make it too bulky in my pocket. And I just add a rubber band for security and clip the pen between two discs
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Answer I didn't expect

It looks like simpler is better. Thanks for the advice Ygor. Strangely enough the plastic covered PDA notebooks are more expensive then the bookcloth ones.

There is a "circa message notebook"

which is PDA-sized and is only $4.95, marked down from the original $12. You can just toss out the message pages inside if you don't want them, and use it as a regular PDA notebook. Or "roll your own" using scrap plastic salvaged from an old notebook or binder.

I like the bookcloth notebooks...

I have at least one in every size. They do have an annoying flaw, though - the corners get frayed easily. I've fixed that by purchasing some ornate metal book corner protectors and affixing them to the corners. They work well and look great too!

I've never tried the leather ones. I'm not a big leather fan, and in addition I really like the elastic strap that holds the notebook shut.

I'm hoping that they don't come out with some neat new summer colors, because I am addicted to shopping at levenger.com. :O

The PDA is intended for

The PDA is intended for carrying around in your pocket, if necessary, a la Merlin's Hipster PDA. So depending on your use, the rule of thumb would be that minimizing as much bulk as possible is better, and makes it easier to manipulate given the small page size. If you plan to use it/carry it like a regular planner, than a little extra bulk might not matter so much.
I do wish they'd put the elastic on more of their regular plastic notebooks.

I'll play devil's advocate - go leather!

If you have the extra room to spare in pocket, I'd say go with the leather. I don't carry the PDA size, but I do carry the Micro PDA, and the leather beats all in terms of sturdiness and durability and my pages are well protected. Plus it looks and feels great. Good luck no matter your choice.

I tried the cloth bound ones

I tried the cloth bound ones - I could never get quite comfortable with them. The cloth just feels weird and a little cheap to me. Ended up getting the leather, and have now found that I really like the clear plastic front and back that come for free.

plastic for me too

I have to admit to liking the plastic covers best too. Levenger leather is nice, but I must not treat it very well. I tend to get scratches on it very easily. The one cloth on quickly got frayed.

The one big advantage to the clear plastic, especially for PDAs, is that you can put important stuff on the top. Then you don't even have to open the cover to see what you need to do. Also, you can change the color on a whim, just stick in a sheet of paper.

I prefer the leather

Ive done some reviews of each type on my blog but I prefer the leather mostly because I used to have the black book cloth cover and it picked up more dust and lint than you can imagine. If you go for the book cloth cover, at least go for a lighter color.

I first had the cloth then

I first had the cloth then took it off for like 2 days. It took off alot of bulkiness. If I can buy the plastic cover then I will but right now Im just using the dividers as covers.

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