Zutter bind-it-all, Dreamkuts?

Hey all - I just ran across Zutter (binditall.com) and they make a couple of interesting devices geared towards the scrapbooking community. The "bind-it-all" is a small 2-wire (2:1 pitch) binding machine and the "Dreamkuts" looks to be an automated paper trimmer. The colors are decidedly chic-friendly - baby blue and pink. Has anyone tried either of these machines? I'm not really interested in the binding machine (it is cute though!) because I have a big ol' GBC 2-wire 2:1 pitch binding machine, but the cutter looks intriguing!

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I must add... I love my 2-wire binding machine!

It's great for making small notebooks, putting together professional-looking reports, kids' projects, etc.

Haven't tried it, but...

thought about buying one last year (before my Circa obsession). I revisited their Web site last weekend and wondered if their Cover-Alls would be perfect for Circa/Rollabind/Atoma covers. Despite the square Cover-All sizes, you could at least select a spine style (flat, curved, bamboo) in 1/2" to 1" widths! Now I'm thinking about custom-cutting a Cover-All to see if it's worth the trouble :)