Let's talk size. What size rollabind/circa disks do you like best?

So I've been foraging through old posts on Circa/Rollabind and I read that some bigger sized discs make for a more wobbly notebook. I am curious what size discs you like? I've also read Circa and Rollabind discs are sized differently. This is all a little confusing to me. I am visiting my inlaws and there is a store near here that sells rollabind discs that I'm going to check out tomorrow. I'd love your advice on what size to buy. Thanks bunches.

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Personally, I prefer the smaller sizes, say the bottom 3 sizes. I have all the sizes, but I have found that with the larger discs, you have to be more careful turning the pages to 'follow the arc' so the paper doesn't pop off. I punch my own, so that means the fit is a little tighter than the pre-punched paper--and that translates to friction turning the page and less 'slush' in the movement.

I use my largest discs only for storage--not for daily use.

Go check out the chart I made (in the template section) that shows the comparative sizes. You can print it and take it with you before you shop to make sure you know what's what.

Also, skip the metallized discs--the matte finish adds friction, which makes the discs very annoying in anything but the smallest books.

Don't load your discs too full or keep them too empty. Empty = floppy/loose and full = difficult to turn/close.


With shris

on this one, I'm with shris. I like the three bottom sizes. I really can't say why, but the big rings just feel too awkward and big to me, both for using and for storing. 3/4" is about as large as I like.


Just a few

For most of my uses, I keep to the middle. I don't care for the 1/4" ones - too small. My calendar is on the bigger ones, 1". Use 3/4" for a notebook I keep hanging around. Archive is 1.5", i believe.

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