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I use the 2-page system with simple scheduling & task lists on one page and a diary page on the other for various things, such as daily meeting notes. I've found the stuff on the site very interesting - but one of my frustrations has been trying to get calendar pages printed correctly. The Dynamic Templates app is pretty good, but personally I think it needs some refinement - after trying to make it print usable pages, I gave up & created this very simple page setup for a generic, undated calendar & diary page using OpenOffice's Calc (spreadsheet application).

It's black & white, and pretty plain looking - I'm printing on a B&W laser, so I didn't want color. However, it's easy enough to customize this, as well as editing the fields for time of day (my shift starts at 7AM). Granted, it's not very flashy - I also worked a bit with the DIY kit, but found it cumbersome to work with - but it does what it's supposed to do.

Feel free to customize it any way you see fit, and please upload any cool variations for others.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
daily calendar page.png
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Note that this will print pages with the schedule on the right-hand page, while the diary is on the left. This works for me, but it's backwards from the Day Timer page I patterned this after.

[EDIT] If you want it the other way around, then I suggest adjusting the inner & outer columns. Notice that the image has the wider margins (1/2") on the outer edges of the page. If you make them smaller, and then make the center columns on either side of the cut line 1/2" wide, you should be good to go. The two 8-1/2" x 11" pages are created vertically (i.e. scroll down to see page 2) so your changes should reflect on both pages if you work with columns.

FYI, I made it 2 pages so I could easily do duplex printing.

Also, row height should be .25" all the way down.

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I like this but..

I like this but am not able to make adjustments. The file extension says read-only. Is there a way to 'unlock' it? I am not very computer savvy so if this is an easy obvious fix I am sorry.

Also, is it an easy task to re-size to a smaller page? I use the FC compact at 4.25' x 6.75'.

Thank you,