GTD Index Card for Weekly Review??

Hi, I have just started implenting the GTD system which I think is great and works well but I have come abit unstuck with the Weekly review.. what I wanted to ask any fellow GTDers was Do you have a checklist for your weeekly review that works for you - I am finding it hard to nail it all in my review (lol sounds bad I know) so what I thought was instead of Overcomplicating things and going into it all too much I should be sticking to a step by step checklist which gets the heart of the review... Can anyone recommend any ideas/templates for me to do this?? Any advice or ideas how pthers do it would be fab as the whole GTD process has been amazing so far and I do not want to slip into not doing a weekly review simply coz I didnt know where to start?? Thanks x

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Weekly review -- front to back, no checklist

I find the weekly review to be a very practical exercise. What I do is begin at the front of my binder and work my way to the back. Since I keep "everything" in my binder, this covers my entire review process. I go through all my task lists (To Do, waiting, delegated (one page for each of my five staff people), updating as I do (done, delayed, do next week). Review all the pages of projects (there are about 15 or so in the binder now). I review my Moleskin calendar to see if there are any roll-forward items (there seldom are, but still I check)

It doesn't take long at all (since I do this every week it is a "well weeded garden"). As I find action items coming up I put them in my Moleskin calendar (calendar on left, lined paper on right). I then put a small circle by the item in my binder so I know it has been task-listed. The next Friday it will get checked when completed. Sometimes the task item says "Brochure/1" meaning that the task is described on a sheet titled Brochure in tab one of my binder.... sometimes that reference takes me to six or seven items that need to be done.

Like a well tended garden, the review is easy if it is done weekly. If not done weekly, weeding can be quite the chore, aas can the review.... And I have found I am much less likely to miss a deadline when I do the weekly review.

Hope my process helps you develop your own.

The Passionate Pilgrim
-- Excellence through Simplicity

Can you post a picture of your system?

David, I'd really like to see a picture of sample pages in your binder!

Nice flowchart card on this site

In the official templates for the hipster PDA, a very nice colored flowchart for the GTD method exists. In one corner is a checklist for the weekly review.

D*I*Y Planner official hipster templates

I don't follow any method exactly, but I find that sitting down once a week and planning in light of where I want to go, instead of where I am headed, is vital.