Wow, Rollabind cs is not good

I ordered some discs and covers on 4/20 and sent a couple emails every few days after that asking about the status, no response. So I called and was told both times it would be shipped the following day - she would personally print my order and hand carry it to the warehouse insuring it would go out tomorrow. Never went out. On 4/30 I emailed for a refund - no response, no refund, so I called on 5/1 and she said she would have a supervisor issue the refund immediately. As of today, no refund. Has anyone had a bad experience like this with them?

I'm really glad I ordered the punch through Levenger and rec'd that last week! I ordered the sampler but it's out of stock until 5/20. :(


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Sadly they have started ripping people off

If you look up rollabind you will find a recent thread where a bunch of people had the same experience as you. I would file with your credit card company if you don't get a refund soon.

Similar experience with Rollabind

I ordered several items including the desktop punch back in March. The punch has been on backorder with them telling me every week when I called (they never initiated contact about the backorder) that it would be in "Friday". Several Fridays have come and gone and I finally gave up and cancelled that part of my order. We'll see how long it takes to get a PayPal refund.

In the past several days I've received several sale emails from them but after this experience, I really don't think they'll have any more of my business. I run a small business myself and if I treated my customers this way, I'd be OUT of business.

I've received those sale emails too...

practically begging for someone to place an order AND refer other customers to Rollabind. The title of the latest email was "50% Wholesale Discount" and the body of the email started off "Rollabind is back!!!!!"

Things that make you go HMMMMM....

Rollabind punch & disc system versus Levenger Circa system

Had I seen your website comments, I should never have ordered the punch from Rollabind. They never sent a confirmation of my order. They did say the punch would not be available for a month but they would send the discs first. I was alarmed and wrote back that I do not want the discs without the punch. Then I noticed that they had helped themselves to the entire payment from my PayPal account. I knew at that point they were not a good company and immediately ordered the Levenger Circa punch. I canceled the Rollabind punch (but not the discs because they do have more colors) and attached a copy of my Levenger Circa order confirmation in my message to Rollabind. Rollabind suddenly found a punch in stock. At that point, my fears were confirmed. This is not a good company. By contrast, Levenger is one of the best companies to deal with; they always want to "make it right" and their service is tops. I decided to order the Rollabind discs anyway because they have more colors and the discs are hard to find. When I saw the new Rollabind order total, it was the same as the old total. Rollabind does not bother to send invoices nor even acknowledge changes. They are a law unto themselves. I wrote back, showing them my arithmetic. A customer service rep telephoned me to say they had issued a PayPal credit for their arithmetic mistake (in their favor). I added some discs to my Rollabind order because they do have more colors than Levenger and also to meet the mininum $75 for free shipping. The Rollabind website photos of the discs are not made to a uniform scale: large sizes appear smaller than some of the small sizes, and vice versa. My advice: If you do not need the one-inch longer punch, buy from Levenger. Or even eBay, although the winning bids I saw were nearly as high as buying new. I saw no other source of the authentic discs from any other supplier. I bought some discs from apparently the only disc seller on eBay and discovered they are unbranded knock-offs. I can't wait to start punching and organizing!

Rollabind Company

Beware the Rollabind Company. I had a similar experience starting with no e-mail confirmation or shipping date. Nothing. After waiting longer than is reasonable, I called their toll-free number and the employee said she would expedite my order by walking it to the warehouse. After still no communication I called Rollabind again and a recording announced that the toll-free number has been disconnected. I turned to PayPal for intervention. A week later Rollabind sent a cheaper substitute with no message or explanation. I did not protest further because I avoid bad people. An eBay seller later explained that Rollabind's president is a "flake" and the company suffers a high employee turnover rate. Their web site is sloppy and unchanged after I first saw it a year ago: many discs are not pictured, the various disc sizes are not to the same scale, old photos of brand-embossed discs have long ago been replaced by unbranded discs; the metal-painted discs (solid plastic underneath) still show the discontinued solid metal discs heavily embossed with the company name but their tripled price remains. What you see is not what you get. I now buy my disc-binding products including Rollabind discs from eBay and Levenger and have no more problems. Levenger is pricier but is a pleasure to deal with, and most eBay sellers try harder.