Does anyone know of a good levenger alternative zip folio that will fit my letter sized circa notebook?

I have a levenger folio for my junior notebook that I love and got cheap off ebay. I'd really like one for my letter sized notebook too which is my writing book but I just can't afford $40+. Does anyone know of a good levenger alternative that is cheaper? Now I do have $30 of Amazon gift cards, so it would be really cool if it was from there, but I'm interested in any suggestions. Thanks for your help!

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any other model...


You can look at any other mfr's zip binders--but what you're looking for is the one where the rings are attached to a card that slips into a pocket in the front or back cover (or both) rather than being bolted directly to the cover.

Easier to see this kind of stuff in person--go to an office supply place and open a few of the binders to see which ones have removable rings. I seem to recall Daytimer having some of those--ygor had pinned an ebay auction that offered like 20 of them back when. Then you'll know which mfr and UPC to look for online.


take it with you

I agree with Shris but don't forget to take the circa with you. I have looked several times but never with my notebook and i'm never quite sure that the folder will close over my rings. All of the office stores have nice choices.

Thank you both for the suggestion : )

I'm going to look tomorrow at a couple of local shops and see what I can find. I'll be sure to bring my planner with me. What price ranges have you two found?

I have one from Office Depot that fits 1.5" rings...

I bought it a couple years ago, and it has the 3-ring binder part on a removable card. It can comfortably hold a letter-sized 1.5" circa notebook. I don't remember the exact price paid, but it was in the $20-$30 range. It's pseudo-leather.

I found a removable ring binder at the Salvation army : )

Thanks to you all for suggesting looking at binders to see if I could find one with removable rings, I finally found one that'll work and that my husband won't kill me for ; ). I found a green and black binder for $2.99 at the Salvation army that fits my notebook perfectly. It is even new with tags. I think it is a binder someone had sitting in their closet for quite a while because it has a zipped disc pocket. I'm going to use it to for my micro pda when I'm home. The cool thing is it has a flap in the front of the binder that fits my junior folio perfectly. So now I can carry my planner and writing together. : ) I really wanted a leather folio I saw on ebay but decided paying bills was more important then a folio, lol. It isn't very feminine so I thought I'd find some pretty stickers to stick to the front pocket to make it a little more me. Thanks for all your help!! Kris



I would say that $2.99 is definitely *way* cheaper than the Levenger offering. :)

And dollars to charity is good too. Good for everybody.


Good to hear

I cleaned out my office and tossed a bunch of office supplies at Salvation Army. One of them actually looked like the one you describe...

Do you live in Ann Arbor?

Even if you don't, it is nice to know that the stuff I wasn't using is being put out in circulation. And I almost have room for a thought or two in my office.