Rollabind: Shall we give them another chance ?

I got this in an e-mail from

Share the benefits of your Rollabind products!
We would like to offer you a chance to earn FREE products from Rollabind.
Because at Rollabind we are always looking for great customers like you.
We are sure that you know someone who could benefit from having one of our high quality, long lasting products.
It’s a simple process:
A friend, family member or co-worker asks you where you purchased your Rollabind product and you give them our contact information.
They buy a product from Rollabind and we send you a FREE gift!
If you have the name of someone you would like to refer to us please call us at 1-888-270-8478 or write to us at subject “referral program”

Opinions ?

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they have a way to go


I am thinking they need to handle their orders better before I want to refer/be referred, honestly. It sounds like just another way to be frustrated if they're not being straight up with people who order their stuff.


I'm with you Shris

I don't think an email is good enough. They need to start proving themselves before I'll refer them to someone. I have heard of too many unfulfilled orders since December to trust them.

Rollabind doesn't get it

You have to be worth recommending in the first place, you know? And Rollabind isn't, in my experience. The system, yes, but the way, no how.

Let's get some specifics, please...

I placed an order for 200 assorted discs on Tuesday (5 May 2009) and received them today (9 May 2009) with no problem.

You folks with problems -- What did you order ?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Here are two recent threads discussing rollabind issues

It looks like they ripped off quite a few people since December. I really want to buy some of their pink and purple rings but have been afraid to since reading those two threads. I can't take the risk of just being out money.

Notebooks. Quality was poor,

Notebooks. Quality was poor, shipping was slooooooow. Enough to put me off them, especially since their product can be gotten elsewhere.

Really they dont deserve

Really they dont deserve another chance it took 6 months for my items to arrive and it was not even the right things. They are totally bankrupt. I ordered some dividers and I received a levenger product. I ordered their leather circa pda. They said it will work with 3x5 and the 3x5 just sticked out. I really am not referring them to anybody. As for levenger Ive refered levenger to everybody.

Proud owner of a Newton 2100

I am now trying to cancel an order that has been processing for over 6 weeks! They charged my credit card immediately and I have not seen the product - each of the 4 times I have called I got "your order is set to be shipped tomorrow"...yeah, right!!
Now I am going to have to try to get the charges reversed. I am putting in a complaint with the Palm Beach County attornry General's office. This is fraud.
These people are stupid or crooks.... turning over a new leaf? FYI

I, too, have had the same negative experiences with (non-responsive customer service, orders that were charged to my account immediately but not shipped for weeks or months) documented here by many of you! However, after finally using up all of my smaller colorful discs (not available from Levenger), I decided to try contacting Rollabind's customer service BEFORE ordering to see if the discs I wanted were in stock. Within a day I received an email from the Customer Service department, assuring me that all my items were in stock. I placed my order last Friday morning, received an order confirmation and then a shipment confirmation within hours, and received the complete order in the mail yesterday (the following Wednesday)!! Their customer service rep assured me that they are aware of the problems and working hard to change things (well, we'll see...). She also mentioned that they are redesigning their website.

So, while it's probably too soon to be certain that Rollabind has in fact turned over a new leaf, I did think my positive experience was worth mentioning here. I love Levenger, but prefer the colorful discs in smaller sizes offered by Rollabind. Also, Rollabind is the only company I've found that still makes paper for Levenger's now-defunct "Memo" size (note, however, that Rollabind calls this six-notch size "Compact"---not to be confused with Levenger's seven-notch "Compact").

If anyone else has had a similarly positive experience recently, I'd love to hear about it!

Money gone -- no Rollabind

I ordered the combo of both punches. Credit card was charge - months later still no product and no response. I even got an email from a sales rep thanking me for my business. I emailed her thinking, surely she would care about customer service. As expected no response. All response has been "Your order is processing". So far they just look like crooks.