How's the quality of Franklin Covey's Rollabind faux leather notebooks?

Just curious if anyone here here has tried Franklin Covey's Rollabind Faux notebooks? I have some unexpected credit on a gift card I need to spend. My husband returned some poor quality merchandise I bought online to a Franklin Covey store near his parents house. The online customer service said we could return it to a store for a refund. Well low and behold the sales clerk said he could not give us money back but only a gift card with our difference. I'm a little frustrated as I found the quality so lacking in the things I recently got. I'm hoping the rollabind stuff will be ok?

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I have the FC rollabind

I have the FC rollabind notebook. I like it a lot and think the quality is pretty good. There are no explanations as to how to use it so sometimes I worry that I'm not doing it right, could do it better, etc.

Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate it!

Is your cover holding up well? I agree that they should include instuctions.

I like mine

The discs that come with the planner are pretty rough, though. I replaced the discs that came with my notebook with Rollabind discs I already had and took a nail file and smoothed the discs I replaced so I can still use them for something else.

I took my circa planner and used the red FC journal cover as the cover for my planner. Mine has held up well with daily use.

Not that great, I thought...

I ordered it online when it was on sale. I have several Levenger Circa foldover notebooks and the FC one isn't up to that level of quality. The cover is a little thinner and isn't as stiff or as nicely made. The discs are a little rough and the paper that's included is OK for ballpoints, but a little thin for fountain pen. It is quite a bit less expensive, but the quality is lower too.

Jus' my two bits...


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