A most beautiful Circa junior notebook cover

I've been struggling the past couple weeks to decide on the style of notebook cover I wanted for my junior Circa (that will also be my planner as soon as July rolls around and I can use the planner pages I ordered from Levenger). Although I loved the Circa covers by Renaissance Art, I needed something a bit simpler that would slip in and out of my handbag easily without the closure of it catching on the bag opening, and not take up too much room. Since a pen loop or specific pocket configuration was not a priority for me, I decided on one of their custom book covers and just got it today... perfect. The black leather I ordered is beautiful and substantial, plenty sturdy enough to write on if I'm holding the planner in my hands and writing on the go. As with everything else I've ordered from these folks, I'm VERY pleased!

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Yes, pics please

I would love to see how this turned out for you.

Pics coming soon

Will do! I'll have them in a couple days. :-)

Operator error...

Can anyone tell me how/where to upload pics? I'm afraid I messed up and uploaded two pics I took under the "create content" section... sorry. I have a couple nice shots of the cover.

thanks! joanne

This might help


Thanks, Jon -- I was trying to make it more difficult than it was. I've just submitted it so hopefully it will be viewable soon. :-) joanne


I purchased the cranberry cahier cover and LOVE IT! The leather is gorgeous, the color is perfect and the size is great! I love RA's work and am so happy to see the new colors and products! Glad you like you new planner cover! :)
nay nay


I know what you mean... I've got an avocado book cover from them and debated about doing my notebook cover in the same leather. Gorgeous! The cranberry is beautiful, too. :-)