Favourite Writing Tool?

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Rollerballs and ballpoints are *not* the same. Rollerballs have liquid ink and are much easier to write with than ballpoints.


Rollerballs and ballpoints

Shris, you're right, of course. My main rationale here was trying to reduce the grouping choices and, well, acknowledging that many people wouldn't know the difference between the two. Most wouldn't also know the difference between a gel pen and a ballpoint either, except that gel pens are so hyped lately that people actively look for them.

And then there are the "mods and hybrids" -- I take the ballpoint refills out of my Parker Jotters and Levenger True Writer ballpoints and replace them with Parker Gel refills. Not sure how I'd classify those....

Oh, I definitely fall into the category of people who spend way too much time thinking about pens. Part of the reason for this site is to find like-minded people who won't think me such a freak. ;-)

all my best,

My pen

My current favorite is teh UniBall Vision Elite. Nice line, nice fluidity. Once I clean my fountain pen, I'll be using that more.

double vote

I voted before I realized I hadn't logged in yet. So I voted again.

Which might be ok, because I *really* like fountain pens. :)

Pens that I use

I like a good ballpoint pen. I just got three really cool pens from my brother-in-law in Japan.

Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1, Black Body

Zebra Clip-On 4 Color Ballpoint Multi Pen + Pencil, Clear Body

Pilot Symmetry Ballpoint Pen, Vitamin Orange Body

They are awesome!

Not a computer?

Does anybody else think it vaguely odd that only about 1% of people responding to this poll consider a computer their favourite writing tool?

Are we all that crazy about pens? And is it odd that nearly half of us choose fountain pens, which is something that the vast majority of people 40 or under have never even seen, yet along used?

Mind you, this is a small sample size in a very niche site, but it's interesting nonetheless....

all my best,

The funny thing is that I

The funny thing is that I LOVE writing with pens but I do most of my "professional" writing on a computer.

So...what do we consider that?

Hmm... there's Writing, and then there's "writing."

My first selection was fountain pen, but I too do most of my "writing" on a computer. But that's mainly at work. I email on a computer of course, but that's not really Writing either. Interesting conundrum.

I wouldn't journal on a computer. I don't do write Christmas cards on a computer, but the Christmas letter is.

I guess we're schizoid, Innowen.

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Albert Einstein and Buckaroo Banzai

computer "writing"

Odd, but I didn't consider the computer because all of us, every day, at some point, must use handwriting for something. Computers will never replace everything--at least, I don't think they will or can. Although, I will admit, when I was using my Newton, it did almost replace my pen. But even then, I still carried a Cross pen in my Newton case.

And speaking of Newtons, Doug.... Where's the "stylus" option on the poll??? ;-)

I have to admit that for about a decade, my Newton stylus _was_ my pen of choice. About 99% of all my handwritten notes were written on my Newton, as were all my "napkin" scratchings, checkbook entries, etc.

Although, If Apple hadn't 1. killed the Newton, and 2. doubly killed it with OSX, I probably would have never gotten back to paper, and finally fountain pens, so I guess I shouldn't complain. ;-)


Computer v hand writing

I didn't consider the computer because all of us, every day, at some point, must use handwriting for something.

My handwriting is WORN (Write Once, Read Never). The only thing I write by hand (with a pen/pencil) are shopping lists. See I'm dyslexia and the fine motor control required for beautiful handwriting doesn't exist for me.

If I want to re-read texts I wrote then I have to use a computer (thankfully I can touch type); and many's the time I've gone to the supermarket with my handwriting list and not been able to read anything I put down.

The single writing tool I considered when voting was a computer.

ballpoints and rollerballs

I like ballpoints and rollerballs.

Although sometimes I use coloured pencils in my planner.

As for computers, when I'm asked about writing I always think of my hand moving a pen over paper to create something. 'Typing' just doesn't equate with 'writing' for me - even though I do most of my writing at a computer.

What strange things our minds do with vocabulary :D

Are we all that crazy about

Are we all that crazy about pens? And is it odd that nearly half of us choose fountain pens, which is something that the vast majority of people 40 or under have never even seen, yet along used?"

I'm a real whipper-snapper by fountain pen standards then - 28. And I'll admit that I'm the only person I know who uses FPs, regardless of age. My wife lovingly refers to me as "the 60 Year Old Man", but I prefer the term "eccentric".

Fountain pen used to be my favorite...

The care and feeding of fountain pens wore me down. So I've switched to rollerballs. They are not quite as much fun to write with, but since all they need is the occasional refill, I find that I actually use them more.

I too loved the sheer joy

I too loved the sheer joy and penmanship of fountain pens.

Sadly after many ink-stained shirt sleeves, bed linen and smudgy prints which didn't dry quickly enough, in this fast moving world of fast food, snaking queues and instant access, I have resorted to ball-point pens...and unreadable handwriting.

Favorite... for what?

For routine notes and sketches, a Pentel 0.7mm with a big eraser. For serious graphics, a Copic Multiliner Brush nib felt tip pen, everything that is right about India ink and a brush without the mess and extra stuff to carry.