Tricking printers into fixing your margins

I played around with some things today and found a way to trick my printer (Brother MFC-7820N) into using 1/4" margins instead of 1/2" margins.

The 7820N's default, and unchangable, margins are 1/2". If I set the paper size to 3" X 5", it'll cut off the sides all around the print area to 1/2" instead of 1/4" that the diy planner 1up uses.

So instead of making a paper size of 3" X 5", I made one that was 3.5" X 5.25". When I print out of Preview, Preview tries to center the document on the paper, which moves the top margin to 1/2" and since it's thinking that the paper is wider than it is, the side margins print without getting cut off.

The bottom of the pages still get cut off, but not by much and at least everything else prints right.

Now I can use my laser printer to print to index cards! Nice.

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