Hello, fellow newbies

Hello, everyone. I am so glad I found this website. I had been searching the internet for a website just like this. I was about to give up hope until I came across this website via another one. I haven't decided what kind of planner to use, though I hope to choose soon.

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If you are...

... like the rest of us (or ME, at least) you may find it hard to stop at just ONE!!

Welcome and be sure to let us know what you pick :-)

Choosing a planner

People think me batty. I have bookshelves at home filled with various planners and agenda. I have boxes in storage with other ones. Even the people I work with call my office "the stationery store," since my shelves there are filled with planners, paper, notebooks, cards, writing utensils, pads and other productivity gear.

I'm probably the last one to be giving you advice, therefore, when I say that you should concentrate more on the innards of the planner, and simply choose a basic planner or agenda you feel comfortable with at first. As long as you keep at it, you'll find that your system will grow and adapt to you. Later you can invest in some more costly gear that's just the right size, materials, and configuration. All too often people rush ahead and purchase a $150 leather planner and find it's too bulky, or fragment their year among three different planners and lose track of everything.

In the meantime, get a brief overview of planner manufacturers in our handbook. Visit an office supply store and check out the size and heft and materials. Imagine carrying them around, or not. (What good is a planner if you don't?) Think about your lifestyle, the climate you live in, the places where you need to lay it open, the type of things you'll need to carry inside. Download the D*I*Y Planner kit and get ideas for the things you can do with it, the time you can manage, the creativity you can unlock. Then, with a few days' pause to think it over, go back to the office supply store and carefully consider your options. You'll be far better mentally prepared when you fork over your hard-earned cash, and far more expectant of what your new companion will bring to your life.

all my best,

It's easy to choose which planner...

I choose a new/different one on a regular basis! :)

I am a relative newbie myself and I love this site just for the fact that it lets me do my constant switching and refining without buying all the refills etc at retail.

I want to reinforce what Doug said about size etc, and try it first. I had been using a pda only and I recently went back to the classic size (5.5x8) thinking I really needed more space etc. Well after a few months I remebered why I ditched the classic size a few years ago, I can't stand lugging it around with all the other stuff I have to drag around for work! Back to my trusty Covey pocket size leather binder, hipster pages in a "pocket office" type holder and better utlization of my outlook on my pda. My wife thinks I am nuts!

This is an excellent site, enjoy and best wishes!


Hopelessly lost, but making excellent time.

I apologize for not posting

I apologize for not posting sooner. I'm thinking of going with the classic 5x8. I want enough room to write and see what I'm doing. Though I have to admit the smaller the organizer the easier it is to carry. I'm trying to decide whether I want one page per day, or two pages per day. I'll keep you posted. Thanks to all of you who posted and for giving your advice.

Hi, everyone. I'm trying to

Hi, everyone. I'm trying to get better at posting more often instead of going for weeks at a time. As you know, I've decided on the 5x8 size, now I've decided on two pages per day. I've seen some of the Dynamic Templates, but I want one with the appointment schedule and task list switched around. I'm not sure if I've seen that here under templates or not. Can someone tell me if something like that exist? Thank you for any help you can give me.

Found it!

I found what I was looking for under the templates designed by various members.