Virtual index cards

I just found a virtual index card program which I haven't tested yet but thought might be interesting for some of you. I'll give it a try!


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Have you tried this out yet?

Have you tried this out yet? Just going by the program's description, it sounds like it would be very useful for outlining/plotting purposes. I know of a couple programs like that, but none of the are freeware (or even cheapware.)

I'd do the testing myself, except it requires a later version of that framework think than I have, and upgrading is apparently a 20+ meg download. Kind of intimadating when you're on dial up, but I'll do it if the program works as advertised.

I tried the software 2

I tried the software 2 minutes, looks like it is not bad...
I wanted for some time "writers block 3" but it is too expensive...
And this freeware has a lot of features writers blocks lacks (for example filters)

I think that you could spend the few hours necessary to download the .NET framework and try for yourself the software since I don't think anyone better than you could tell if it can be useful.

Ah, forgot to return to post about this

I did the update, and tried out the program, and pretty much like it. There are a couple of things that don't work the way I expect them to/thing they should, so I've written to the programmer to give feedback/suggestions. No response yet.

Even as it it, though, I think it's got about 80% of the utility of Writer's Block (did a trial run of that years ago) and the price can't be beat.

I don't have the time right now, but if anyone asks, I'll do a better review of the program.

Please do

I would love to hear your comments. Tried Writers Blocks years ago and didn't much like it, but would love a program like this.

Hi all. I've just installed

Hi all.

I've just installed this and started playing with it, and it looks very good. I downloaded the WritersBlocks trial but thought it was much too expensive, but this seems to do all the good stuff that WB can do. It's also very quick/responsive, where I found WB a bit clunky.

Don't be put off by needing the .NET package - I used the link given, and the whole thing, including the Text Block Writer software, took maybe 10 minutes to install on my ancient Windows ME PC. And 9 1/2 minutes of that I didn't have to do anything, just wait for the .NET stuff to install. Once you've got .NET you can forget it forever and download/install Text Block Writer in seconds.

I wanted some software to do index card story outlining (and then export what I'd made to a document I could edit in Word), and this does all that beautifully. I really really like outlining story plots with index cards, and if I hadn't found this I would have paid a fortune for WB. Hoorah! :-)

Here's an alternative to

Here's an alternative to try: