Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

The D*I*Y Planner has crept in its petty pace long enough. 'Tis a tale told by a monkey, full of Mound bars and curry, signifying a verion 3.0 release tomorrow.

And an end to sleep deprivation, one hopes.

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Whoo! Just in time for the


Just in time for the real start of the year. Which for me is March. Yay for summer holidays that go for 5 months.


Kudos to you dougj. Waiting eagerly for it.


v. 3.0

I´m sure this version will rock, as the earlier version have done...

a BIG thanks to all the people that made this work, and I will wait until tomorrow - a little bit like an Christmas-feeling...

// Popeye

Hey Doug,

Hey Doug,
I've been waiting for Wing Commander Saga for 3 years now if that makes you feel better:)

No Stress and keep up the good work!

me too

I too feel like a kid at Christmas time, waiting anxiously for Santa to arrive.

Thanks in advance for all of the hard work that doug and the team have put in. Can't wait to see what they came up with!