Quick Tip: Index Card Inboxes

Carry a day planner but find that "inbox" pages typically only get a few lines of notes before you transfer them into another place, thereby wasting most of your paper and space? Carry a dozen index cards packed into your front cover or a slash pocket. Or, if you have a notebook with stiff covers, purchase a set of adhesive "business card pockets" and attach one inside a cover: they're the perfect size for holding 6-8 index cards. They can be used anywhere you'd like to keep a small stack handy --try attaching one to a large fridge magnet, and you can keep one handy for grocery lists, notes to your spouse, and so on.

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Pockets are great!

You posted this tip just a few days after I put a pocket in the back of my planner to hold my small spiral bound notebook and an index card with my shorthand codes. I didn't want to carry them separately and risk misplacing my notebook . . . again. My notebook, as you mentioned, serves as my "inbox."

I cut up one of my manilla folders to make just a simple square pocket, and it's very sturdy. I adhered it with regular craft (tacky) glue.

Simple solutions with big results. That's why I like quick tip posts.

Library Card Pocket

I do something very similar with a "Library Card Book Pocket" template I downloaded from Mirkwood Designs. I print it, trim it, and tape it to the inside cover of a Moleskine Cahier. It comfortably holds 4-5 notecards.

I also keep a small pad of Daytimer's moveable task lists adhered to the inside back cover. Very handy.


Quick Tip: Index Card Inboxes

Another option -
My daily/weekly tracking is done with a repocketmod report (Covey Task quadrant in front), rubber banded to a small leather covered note pad with tear away sheets. The notepad has a similar function to the index cards of capturing notes on throw-away paper. (The day planner carries only long range schedules, recurring events and my password lists.)

I value the repocketmod process of updating, as it forces me to recopy my plans every Friday and assess progress, priorities and remind me about next week/month deliverables. I also review against my master list for possible actions to add to the near term plan.

Now if I could only get rid of my employeer's Meeting Maker software . . .

I just cut up all the boxes that my stuff comes in

Then the paper would have eventually been recycled, but I'm using it one more time before. And I use the bigger pieces of box for grocery lists. Then, as I'm shopping, it's a nice crisp piece of paper to look at.

Basically, I use my paper recycling for everything. Notes to family members, to do lists on the go, brainstorming...

I hardly buy paper anymore.


My sister reuses the envelopes she gets:

She writes her shopping lists on the back of business size envelopes, and tucks the coupons she wants to use inside it.

She keeps a 9 X 12 in her car all the time, and stuffs it with receipts and such as they flow in.

She even cuts envelopes open and uses the 'insides': she keeps a pile of opened ones near the telephone for quick notes, and the big manila ones are great for kids to draw on, sturdier than other paper, less likely to develop holes or tears if the drawing gets energetic.

Yeah, my sister is a bit obsessed over this recycling stuff. But, hey, if Global Warming hits, she can say it wasn't HER fault.

My approach to this problem

My approach to this problem with various Moleskines particularly the week planner was post-it notes stuck to the relevant pages and then simply moved to another location of transcribed to another locations. There are for us in the UK at least 3 sizes of Post-its to cater for most needs.