Writing log - any ideas?

By chance I came across the Writer's Digest Weekly Planner on a website, and I was wondering if anyone uses anything similar? It looks like a sort of annual writing log, which might just help me motivate myself. Of course I could just write what I've done each day in my calendar, but surely there's a suitable template somewhere? Does anyone do anything similar?


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I use a calendar

A bit hokey (ok, maybe a lot hokey), but I track my word count on a letter-sized monthly calendar with - here's the hokey part - a bird sticker for every day I actually write. (Yes, the idea is based on the book by Anne Lamott.) I do it partly because it's fun, and partly because I can glance at it from across the room and see how good (or not good) I've been so far that month.

For other tracking, I've used analog (a journal) but am considering working up a Bento app, especially now since they've intro'd the iPhone Bento app that can sync with the desktop version.

I write long fiction, so this may not be detailed enough for what you need.

I've been using a

I've been using a spreadsheet, as suggested by Paul Silvia in his How to write a lot, which is meant for academics though, so it might not be relevant to you.

Thanks for the ideas.

Thanks for the ideas. Actually I did something similar (using a calendar printout) for last year's NaNoWriMo, though I stopped updating it towards the end. I hadn't figured out how to adapt it but using stickers is a great idea. Though I might use cat stickers instead ;)

I still haven't read the Anne Lammott book - must get hold of it.

I'd be interested in how you use Bento. Like the spreadsheet idea, though, I would prefer to use a method that's analog and visual now I think about it. I feel like I use enough applications on a daily basis anyway and would rather not start relying on another one as well.