New Office Max [In]Place System by Peter Walsh Review

Editor's Note: Promoting this to the front page because I think this is a great review. Thanks for putting it together, leicamaster.

Recently organization expert Peter Walsh released a new line of products for Office Max which I found out about in a recent topic here in the DIY Planner forums. I got hooked with the nice flashy web page. I decided to head down to Office Max. They had all the products except file tote which for some reason hasn't arrived at any Office Max store , at least not in NC. So anyhow I headed down to check out these products. I really like the system of organization that he decides to use. Post its etc... The products themselves are good quality for plastic. These products actually work as a system and what they really are is individual products brought together to work. I bought the starter set, magazine file, post it wallet 6 and 3, some folders, and rubberized binder clips. Ill be reviewing every product that I own and I have just recently ordered File Tote so Ill post a comment reviewing that.

Organization Kit ($19.99) USD
For starters I think Mr. Walsh really thought about this kit. It is very well constructed. I think that the price is a bit too much but the product quality is very good (Is like the plastic equivalent of Levenger. So the kit brings 5 clip tabs, erasable marker, 1 post it cube, 1 document wallet, 3 document sleeves, 1 document envelope, 3 file folders.

Clip Tabs ($3.99) USD - Pack of 5 - Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White
' These contraptions are pretty interesting. They look like some complicated product but its pretty much very simple. So its a binder clip with an laminated blue ' contraption tab on the top. Its rewritable but only with the special marker which the kit brings atleast that I know of. Theres some flaws to this but this is ' only by using it the wrong way. These things are meant to be put on top of folders as lables but I like to use them to clip my paper together but Its a really ' really small clip. It would be better if they sold the top part and you put it in your preference of binder clip size. Pros: Re-writable and nice looking. Cons: ' Cant change clip size.

Erasable Marker ($5.99) USD - Pack of 1
' Heres a product which is extremely overpriced. Its nice but its not worth $6.00. It is nice b/c It has an eraser integrated on the top and the marker doesn't ' smudge its permanent. When its been on the plastic long enough just scribble the marker on top and erase. You can use this with the clip tabs, document wallet ' and plastic folders

Post-It Super Sticky File Stickies ($8.99) USD - 400 Sheets/1 Cube
' Do not over react here about price. The kit only brings like 40 sheets. Theres Post-It wallets available and 2 sizes available. 3 Large post its fit in a folder ' and 6 small ones in a folder. The $8.99 is for the white cube with no colors. The six-color pack is $7.99 and three-color wallet $8.99. These Post-Its have 2 ' cut sides and super sticky so It looks like a file tab. Overall they are nice and like the motto says "Stick Practically Everywhere" which is 100% true.

Expanding Document Wallet ($6.99) USD
' Probably the product I use the most. The document wallet is very durable and the corners barely bend. It holds alot of folders. One thing that gets kind of ' annoying is that the plastic folders have an opening to put in the clip and then they pile up in the bottom and it doesnt all go in and rips the front cover that ' the folder has to put your own cover. Overall I love this product.

Document Sleeve ($5.99) USD - Pack of 6
' These sleeves are not your traditional sleeve. This is a white kinda see through sleeve with a closed side and you can put your document inside. I have not used ' this much and I would not personally buy it.

Document Envelope ($4.99) USD - Pack of 3
' This is not a good organization tool. In my opinion I would only use this to like a meeting or presentation. It looks nice and has a nice pattern and a button ' to close it. Once again the only reason I have it is because of the Starter Kit. If you are not really going to do any presentations or turn something and you ' want to impress the boss then don't buy it.

Plastic File Folders ($5.99) USD - Pack of 6
' This is what makes these products stand out. They have lines on the top to align your Post-Its and use them as divisions. They also have a open space at the ' bottom for a paper clip to put all the papers together and for them not to fall. These preferably work with the official binder clips which have rubberized feet ' and make them not fuck up the folder.

So thats what the Organization Kit includes which is a decent arrangement. So lets see how much you save when you buy the kit than buying these products individual.

$3.99 + $5.99 + $1.00 + $6.99 + $2.99 + $1.60 + $2.99 = 25.55 (If you bought these products individually not the more amount packs)
So you save $5.55 not bad.

Magazine File ($9.99) - One File
This product is not worth $9.99. Its all twisted when you build it and it leans all over the place when you put something inside.

Binder Clips ($3.99) - 24 Small Count Clips - ($5.99) - 36 Tiny Count Clips
These clips are real nice and are worth every penny. They have rubber ends so It doesn't damage the paper and plastic.

Overall the system is real nice but waaaaay too expensive. I understand that if you buy the products individually you get a nice plastic bag but its not worth soo much. Im overall happy with the system and cant wait for my file tote to arrive and for nice B-Day present Im getting the Document Holder.

Score: 9/10

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Great review

Thanks for being so through. Looks like I need a field trip to Office Max.

Thanks It was kinda hard to

Thanks It was kinda hard to write all this in english.

Proud owner of a Newton 2100

Thanks for sharing! Great

Thanks for sharing! Great job!

Too much of everything [I love] is just enough.
~Calvin & Hobbes

Thanks for the front page!

Hey thanks to the admin who posted it. Ill be posting some more reviews when Im done with my final exams :( (7th grade sucks)

Proud owner of a Newton 2100

I was very disappointed with

I was very disappointed with this system because the button closures on the expanding file and the document wallets do not work when you have even a moderate amount of papers inside. The papers press against the button. I have a rubber band around them now.

Also the sales product labels on the front of each product are almost impossible to remove - even with soaps or solvents. The adhesive is far too strong for this use.

Nice design otherwise, but how could they overlook these basic engineering features? I am returning the whole system.