Where can I find classic-sized paper?

I don't think I have the space in my apartment for a guillotine, and cutting all my pages with scissors is going to be way too much work. Does anyone have a source for plain white classic paper?

Alternatively, there's a Staples near my house. How do they take to people using their paper cutters without making copies? Do you think they'd they mind, if I bought the paper there?

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When you want to buy classic paper, get letter size paper (a ream or whatever package you want) and take it to the copy center and ask them to cut it in half (show them which way you want it). They will charge you for the cutting, I think, but it won't be much. That'll get you a whole bunch all at once and you won't have to mess with it again for a while.


Awesome! Thanks!

Awesome! Thanks!

I've read . . .

I've read that some Staples will cut for you but others send it off to another location to be cut, so it can be a hassle. If you happen to have problems with your Staples you might want to check out Office Max. My local one cut my whole stack of paper for something like $1.25 or $1.50.

I fold it

I take a standard 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper print what I need on one side with a gap between page one and two printed on the one side and fold it in half.

punch the holes in the loose side not the folded side and put it in my classic binder

alternatively you can put double sided tape on the bottom and make it a pocket

You can also try

... going to a copy place, like Kinko's. I went to a local franchise, got a ream of heavier paper (28 lb), and had them cut the paper in half. I don't think I paid any more than I would have at Staples or Office Depot, and the copy place was more convenient location-wise.