moleskine folios

I just bought a moleskine folio from Rickshaw Bags in San Francisco and can highly recommend it. If you go to their website (just google), there are helpful videos of the owner/founder, Mark, demonstrating the construction and uses of the folio. With tax and shipping, it does come to $60 which may seem a bit steep, but the folio can be carried anywhere and would be a great travel pouch with hidden zippered pockets, four pen slots that can even accommodate a large highlighter, clear plastic holders for business card(s), metro tickets, etc. Just a delightful thing to own. One caveat: I found the colors of my folio to be a bit lighter than their appearance on the website. Specifically, I got a "mango" cover which is more pink and peach than burgundy and burnt orange. It's still beautiful, though. This particular fabric is chenille-like in texture, which you can't tell from the photos. They have many textures and patterns and colors. If in doubt, call the company and speak to Kati...she was incredibly helpful to me. And, the owner included a handwritten thank you note to me for buying the product. I will be a repeat customer: commuter bag next on the horizon.

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I had never seen these before - they look really cool! Thank you for sharing this awesome find with all of us! Now to choose a style and color.... Sooooo many options!
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