Fieldnotes Friday

Fieldnotes is having a contest today where, if you twitter a creative reason why you deserve a pack of them, you will get them free.

Info on Fieldnotes Website

Be sure to read the instructions. I thought it was a random drawing, so I didn’t make my tweet all that interesting.

BTW, I use Fieldnotes and they are a good product. But I rarely meet a notebook I don’t like.

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Fieldnotes - they came!

In the mail today I received a great little package from Field Notes. I joined Twitter just to do the free promotion and was doubtful that I would meet criteria. You know, only the first three people to respond, invalid after 30 minutes or some such restrictions. Anyway, I got a brand new three pack of graph paper Field Note notebooks, a pen, pencil, sticker, and wide rubber band. Beautiful! I am going to watch this company. Hope you all had success too!