National Stationery Show

I followed a link from the Field Notes web site and learned about the National Stationery Show ( Wow. Has anyone ever been? Is it worth wrangling my way in using a friend who buys stationery products for her retail store? Or is it just too dangerous for an office supply/stationery junkie to enter?

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Too dangerous :-) If it was

Too dangerous :-)

If it was me it would be like letting Homer Simpson lose in a doughnut factory !!!! There is no way I could be trusted not to end up penniless!

But go anyway and then tell us how good it was, if I could afford it I would be ordering plane tickets right now.


Next year...

The 2009 show has ended but I think I see a pilgrimage for next year. Time to set up a change jar and label it "stationery show."

DIYP Convention

Maybe all the DIYP folks there could get together and have a mini "family" reunion ;-)

Exhibited there in the past

The stationery show is pretty cool. Lots of fountain pens and other good stuff. Our best trade show ever was at the stationery show. We stopped doing it because of expenses, the overwhelming expense of the unions which is mandatory and cost of hotels. The unions charge, or used to charge, $75 just to plug in your electric. That is to plug in the plug at your booth. The actual electric cost is extra. It takes 4 different unions to move your crate from the floor to the storage facility. Not even going to mention what that costs. Anyway, it is a great show to shop around in. Some of the exhibitors will sell their samples at wholesale prices too, which can be picked up the last afternoon of the show.


I like the idea of a

I like the idea of a pilgrimage and a "family reunion" all rolled into one; now I just have to find a big enough penny jar and rob several banks before they go out of business :-)

This stationery addiction is getting out of hand, I am too ashamed to admit how many Moleskines I bought at Waterstone's on 3 for 2 offers this month. I need something like AA - maybe Stationery Addicts Anonymous (SAA) - any takers to start local support groups - this is my global support group but the problem is it encourages me to buy more not less :-)