After reading the great content here on these forums I'm finally jumping in. This site has been a valuable resource and I'm thankful to the many outstanding contributors here. You have enriched my life with your posts and comments. I've been wrestling with the digital/analog issue for about 10 years, and I guess I'm now willing to wade into the pool here and test the water.

I work in the financial services business in North Louisiana and spend most of my days wrestling with paper or hanging out with people. I've been trying to find a good place to draw the boundary lines between my digital and analog worlds. I've found that nothing works better than paper for daily capture, and I'm still using (dare I admit it...) my iPhone for my calendar... despite the outstanding paper calendar resources available here. But my "planner" is my circa notebook. I use Post-It tab dividers to split my letter sized translucent-covered circa from rollabind (yes, it took 3 weeks to arrive, but it was cheaper than buying from Levenger).

If you're interested in more than that I'll gladly post more.

Thanks for reading.

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