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We are switching over to Macs and just got our first one, a MacBook. We do not like the email client that comes with it and are looking for suggestions from you all for a different email client. Please let me know what has worked for you.

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Thunderbird, maybe?

Thunderbird, maybe?

also suggest Thunderbird

I too had problems with the mail that came with the Mac. The worst was that email would randomly vanish (I should admit that I am an electrical engineer and all electronic devices hate me).

I switched to Thunderbird and haven't had a single problem.

First suggestion

.... would be to stick with Mail for a few days, and see if it doesn't grow on you. I have come from Claris Emailer (probably the second-best email client ever) and Cyberdog (undoubtably the best email client ever), Entourage, dabbling with Eudora, and who knows what else.... When 10.3 brought out a new version of Mail, I decided to try it out seriously.... After a couple weeks, I was settled, and have long-ago stopped trying out every new email client that comes out, although I have Thunderbird on my system. Actually, when I get frustrated with Mail, I launch T-Bird, and am quickly reminded as to what it is I like about Mail. ;-)

However, that said, there is a new client coming to the Mac. It's called PostBox. You may find it meets your needs. It is based on T-bird, I believe, or at least partly-so--but it is a genuine Mac app, not a port. I think you may find it to your liking. Give it a whirl.

(BTW, those "disappearing" emails are typically simply IMAP sync issues. On the rare occasion that this happens, so long as I don't do something rash, if I wait a bit, they reappear--but that's just my experience)

issues with Mail

We have had it now for about 3 weeks. Granted, I am no techno dude and the person who is actually using it is less techno than I. She is going for her Mac lesson later this week.

The issues we were having with Mail were that we cannot send out mail from one account with a different Reply To address. Well, that and how it sorts mail and other small issues.

Thanks for the heads up on the new mail client coming out.


trouble installing Thunderbird

We are having trouble installing Thunderbird. It says that it does not support the architecture... whatever that means.



There are two architectures on the Mac--the older-PowerPC, and the newer-Intel. I'm guessing you have a new Mac, so make sure you are downloading the version for Intel Macs.


yes, new Mac but no Intel Mac option

You are correct, it is a brand new MacBook. But, the Thunderbird site only offers one download for MacOS X. So, I guess we will have to wait for this one.


Works for me

Although you have an Intel-based MacBook and there is only one version of Thunderbird available for download from Mozilla you can use it. You should find that that version is a universal application that is it was built to be run on both the old PowerPC chips and the newer Intel ones. I know 'cos I'm running it on my Intel-based MacBook Pro.


we get an error when installing and another error when trying to open it. When installing it says that some files are missing. When opening it says that it does not support the architecture we have. Put a post on the forum though so we will see what they say.

Meanwhile, we are going to try PostBox. It looks pretty cool.


Mozilla says it should work on either


Operating Systems
Mac OS X 10.2.x and later
Minimum Hardware
Macintosh computer with an Intel x86 or PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor
128 MB RAM (Recommended: 256 MB RAM or greater)
200 MB hard drive space

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