Rollabind/Levenger Jumbo/X-Large disks: anybody actually uses them?

Hi. When I first started using Rollabind disks, I was excited about the possibilities. One of those possibilities was to get rid of my huge box of old binders, and substitute them with an order of the largest Rolla disks, which take very little space. But while playing with my Hipster and classic sized setup, I am finding that anything much past medium size reaches diminishing returns, because of the circular shape. Most of my larger and medium sized binders have D shaped rings, not circular, and with good reason.
I don't think D shaped Rolla disks exist anywhere, do they?
Is anyone actually satisfied using large disks? Just wondering.

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Large Circa/Rolla Discs

Hi, civil -- I use the really big rings for storing archives files that I don't use often and also for a couple project notebooks. When those notebooks start getting really full I just break off the older chunks into their own notebooks or discard as needed. I try to keep them 3/4 filled max or they start getting hard to flip through.

I like the idea of D-ring discs. I can immediately think of some uses "around the house" for those, like photo scrapbooks and recipe books, things that normally lie flat. It sounds like something that Levenger would try.

Large Size

I use the large size exclusively. I disc bound a manual here at work the other day and used a file folder as a cover.

I have a Staples Rollabind bookcloth notebook and a homemade writing book with thin plastic covers. That one is a little wonky on the binding but the rest are firm and secure.

Sorry I meant Jumbo and larger

Sorry I meant Jumbo and larger. Circa Large is called Jumbo by Rolla, and there is a Circa X-Large, those are the sizes I meant. I too have the size Staples sells, those are not that large to me.

I almost always use the 1" discs

For most of my circa notebooks, I use the 1" discs. I do have a couple of larger carry-all organizer notebooks with the 1.5" discs, but that size disc does tend to be too bulky. My big problem with the 3/4 and smaller discs is that with heavier-weight paper (I prefer 32lb HP color laser paper), I can't fit as much paper (plus a few dividers, pockets, etc) into them as I would like.