Hipster NA list on one card, by context

hofsanoj's "Next Step List-Advanced" inspired me to make several versions of my own, based on it. The most useful one is probably this GTD NA by context Hipster one, since I actually use it. It is a Word Doc file, so you can fiddle with the margins and add or take away contexts to your hearts content.

Does anyone know how to create a 4up version of this in MsWord? This 1up version is tricky to print just right on my printer because of the margins.

Paper size: 
Index Card (3 x 5)
Usage advice: 

This is a next action list on a single card. I like it because all my actions are on a single card, and yet GTD context selection is possible. I put 'Date' on the left side, but I find I don't really use it, because of the limited space, hence I did not make it a separate column, as I originally planned.

The included contexts (abreviated of course) are Calls, Work(could be WF), Errands/Out, Computer/internet, Home, SM, and quadrant 2 (a la Covey). You can edit it to suit yourself.

This template is in monochrome (no shades of gray, just easier on my eyes). You must select 3x5 size before printing (under Page Setup or Printer settings), and print 1st page only (even without the overlap, a second page is always present, not sure why.

The small overlap to the second page is best left alone, because I added an extra margin at the top for hipster binding. If you remove the extra margin, the overlap will disappear, hence maximizing space use.

Creative Commons
English, any (editable)
Applications required: 
Microsoft Word
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