Quick Tip: The Stress Reducing Power of Ticklers

Never underestimate the stress-reducing power of a tickler. If you don't need to think about doing a particular task now, you don't need to see it now. You also don't need to worry about remembering to do it in a few weeks time. (The stress that results from worrying about forgetting is greater than most believe.) If you have a digital system, put it in your calendar or a future task. If you have a paper system, put it in a tickler folder (a la GTD) or mark it in your planner in a future action list or calendar day. Have confidence that your trusted system will remember it for you.

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The Trusted Tickler

If I would only remember to check my trusted tickler, I'd fare a lot better.

When I do remember, it's usually just before bed. So I've decided to go with that and empty my tickler into my inbox before going to sleep. I do remember to check my inbox in the mornings, strangely enough.

Thanks for another great tip.


The Trusted Tickler

I see my Tickler File as an essential part of my daily routine and it is by far the best thing I ever took out of GTD. In effect it is a 3D calendar able to store actual physical objects as well as paper etc. If you can develop a routine for checking it daily it will never let you down.

Inky *

Update on My Trusted Tickler

I've been meaning to update my progress (if anyone's interested) on my tickler. I mentioned before that I often forget to check it. I was still having that problem when . . .

Along came Circa!

I went with my gut instead of my brain this time and bought some Circa supplies from a member here, and I have been very pleased.

I now have my tickler integrated with my planner. I now simply punch my reminders and put them at the appropriate dates in my planner. Since my planner is integral to my day, nothing gets overlooked. For items that can't go into my planner, I put them into a special drawer next to my desk and refer to their location in my planner.

Some might say I didn't need Circa to solve my tickler dilemma, and that's probably true. But Circa sure did make it easy--and obvious!


briliant and simpleƩ