Old member finally making a first post!

Hello all! I guess I haven't introduced myself yet and thought I probably should. I've actually had an account here for over 2 years now, when I made my first planner (ended up being a spiral bound 3.25 x 5 weekly/monthly planner) since the templates here were fantastic and, by using the graphic version of the Hipster PDA, I was able to set up the pages to leave enough of a margin to bind.

ANYWAY, I currently work at an office supply store in their printing section, which is both dangerous and exciting at the same time. I get to play with all kinds of paper (I love paper) and printing/trimming/binding goodness while still getting paid. Can't beat that! I do actually work though, I just love seeing some of the new stuff we get in and testing out new pens.

So far, I did find a planner that I liked and actually use more of but it's very limited because it's a pre-printed Blue Sky planner. I love the colors on it (brown/blue/green stripes) and I'm a sucker for shiny things. The size is great though, about 4.25" x 6.25". In order to use something, I have to be able to carry it around in my purse with me and I tend to favor smaller purses for the sole reason that I can fit less crap in there.

I ordered some disks and a punch from Rollabind back in April because you guys talked me into the system but I can't afford Levenger's prices on some of the stuff I'd WANT to buy. You may have seen some of my other posts about Rollabind (under Salidwyn because I forgot I had made an account 2 years ago) and unfortunately am still waiting on said punch, though I have rings that are currently collecting dust.

My next planner is going to be a 4"x6" size using some of the templates here resized so I still get something compact but with a bit of room. We'll see how that goes!

Thank you all for your hard work on these templates and the great advice and support on everything organizational!

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Hello and Welcome

I've been around for over a year and joined a few months ago 'cuz there was a topic I really wanted to comment on. I work for an office supply store too, in the Graphics Pre-press department. The perks I love with this company is the free planners and diaries in mid-June from current year. Though I only have half the year to fill, it does satisfy the planner addict in me without going broke. It also lets me sample all kinds of styles and layout. The rest [Jan-Jun 14th pages] I use as scrap paper for notes. With DIY, I'm creating my own planners but would love to re-use the covers I get from the free planners at work. Just looking for the right price to get them punched and rebinded.