Spiral Notebook Cover- where to get?

I like spiral notebooks - cheap and easy to get. I'm looking however to add a little more class to them.

I noticed the Levenger covers. It looks like you take your Circa notebook and simply slide the outer pages of the circa notebook into flaps of the nicer cover.

Does such a thing exist for spiral notebooks? Help!


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Um, I'm trying to figure out why a Circa jacket wouldn't work for a spiral bound notebook. I am thinking the only problem you'd have would be matching the size of the paper..


I would try...

www.renaissance-art.com they can even custom make one to fit your size notebook and do not cost as much as Levenger. I have a moleskine cahier cover and it is simply beautiful! They have new color leather as well - I bot the cranberry. Absolutely the best service and the most wonderful products I have ever purchased!!!

Thank you for the responses

Thank you for the responses - both renaissance-art and Levenger. Perhaps there are cheaper alternatives?


...has several folios for spiral notebooks, and also inexpensive spiral bound planners such as Blue Sky, which have covers the spiral cover slides into. If you don't like the planner or spiral it comes with, you could toss the contents and substitute your own spiral. Good solution for:
• someone with economic constraints who DIYs their planner pages and has them spiral bound,
• those who don't like to use leather, and
• someone trying a new system who isn't sure they'll stick with it.

Of course if you have the money to go higher end and you're sure this is the system you are going to be using, you'll want to look at Renaissance Art, Daytimer, Levengers, etc.


Mead's Cambridge line has a 'refillable notebook' Item # 20987096 that I purchased at Office Max. Comes with nice notebook, pen holder, and business card pockets. When I picked mine up, they had both letter and junior sizes available. They even hold circa notebooks with 3/4 inch rings. Happy hunting for the perfect notebook accessory!
-- JWhitt

Wow - thank you. Very, very

Wow - thank you. Very, very helpful. I'll have to check out Walmart and Office Max now.

found a few

At mead.com:

cover 1
(looks like it comes in three colors)

cover 2

cover 3

I got one of office depot which was more student orented (flower print), so I know they exist. Enjoy the search and let us know what you find.

Just an update. Office Depot

Just an update.
Office Depot had their generic brand on clearance so I picked up a vinyl cover for $4. We'll see how it works out.

the best I've ever seen

Look for the "Blue Sky" brand at Office Depot. They are really nice covers for spiral notebooks. I love them.