Comb Binding Circa Style Hack

Not sure if this idea was ever brought up, but I'd thought I share since it has been working for me. Even though it does take a bit more time.

Comb bindings are a pain if you need to add and move pages around. However, just take your scissors to a small stack of pages and make a cut from the edge to the middle of each punch, you can remove and pages just like a circa. I’ll admit that you would have to be a bit careful to not rip the paper when doing so. I guess this can be minimized if you have the patience to make the cuts a little bit wider.

Although I'd love to get the circa punch and discs, I can't really afford it. This is for my work planner anyway, and all the materials are easily available for me at work.

This is a great site, thanks everyone for sharing your ideas. I hope I could contribute in a small way at least.

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Not a bad idea...

you could also take a diy planner to a place that punches holes and get it spiral bound and use the same concept. The double wire would be easiest. I believe I will try this. Thanks for the suggestion.

DIY Circa

Judy of the woods did mention it a while back. She went all out. She cut up a milk jug handle for DIY rings that she glued to cardboard then with a hand punch made holes in paper which she then sliced the back of with scissors. It was a total DIY Circa, I have no idea where the thread is now.

Here you go

Here's Judy's topic on her site:


I got some GBC Clear rigid covers to punch with my hand punch and they are just ever so thick that I can't get them in the punch. This may solve that problem!