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About every six months (when my day-timer is about to run out of pages), I come to DIY and spend several hours and 30-40 pieces of paper trying to create a two-page-per-day calendar (5.5x8.5)that can be punched on the left. So far, I have been unsuccessful in every attempt I have made. The pages come out with any or all of the following errors: the wider margin on the wrong side, the second day on the back of an 8.5x11 page upside down from the first day, Journal on the left (but at least the days are same side up)and several others that I catch before printing. I have used both 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 5.5 sized paper and don't mind cutting my own paper. After a number of hours, I usually give up and just send money to someone on ebay for a day-timer refill or to day-timer. I'm happy with the day-timer refills other than the fact that I use fountain pens and the thin and very lightly coated paper they use bleeds through. I want to make my calendar on 28- or 32-lb paper which I have bought for this purpose. I know Levenger supplies their pages on 60-lb paper, but thats a bit much and they are already sold out of 3rd quarter 2009 in Junior size.

I have downloaded the template builder and have created a pdf starting with June 1, 2009 (no title page but it would be nice to have one) and have made the selections that I am happy with. June 1 appointment page is on the left. I have deselected the undesirable options as directed and about the only thing I've added is a border. I also understand that I have created conflicts when I made adjustments on the PDF printing page and also in my printer setup pages (I've used three different Canon printers and am now using a MX860).

My name is Mike and I never ask for directions although, when pressed, I do read instructions. I am uncomfortable admitting I need help, but I have reached my frustration limit. If I knew how to get screen prints of my selected options I would be happy to do that and upload for someone to look at and set me straight.

Thanks in advance for any help getting this thing printed out.


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I tend to use this site as

I tend to use this site as inspiration to create my own templates in Word, as I find many problems trying to use the dynamics as they are currently, but then I do not required all the gray scale that the dynamics use.

Need more specifics

It sounds to me that you are having issues with duplex printing have it flip on the wrong axis, additionally some templates are meant to be printed on 8.5x11 duplex then cut in half, and others are intended for the 8.5x5.5 paper. If I had a suggestion it would be to find the 2 page per sheet calender and print it duplex on 8.5x11 then cut it down afterwards, you have to set your printer to flip on the short edge. If you are doing it on a cheap inkjet it makes it more complicated since you have to do all the rotating manually. I've only done them on the office printer, which happens to be fancy enough to take all the thinking out of it for me. Another option is to print unlabeled 2 page per day templates, and fill in dates as you use them, this would alleviate the problem of things printing out of order, as you would just have generic pages. Again I would recommend 2 pages per sheet, flip on short edge, and then cut down to size. Hope this helps some.