How to perforate paper?

Hallo to all of you. I'm new here.

Here on DIYplanner I saw a lot of way to cut the paper to obtain it in every size and dimension. But I'm looking for a way to perforate the paper in a way similar to 'computer paper' selled by filofax. The problem is that the filofax computer paper is a bit expensive to me, so it would be fine to perforate a full ream of common office paper for a low price.

So, is there a simple-and-unexpensive way to perforate a ream of office paper?.

Excuse my english. Thanks for your answer.

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Got a sewing machine? How much patience do you have?

Unthread the machine completely -- spool AND bobbin. Set the stitches per inch to around 10. Use some masking tape to make a guideline for your 'stitching.' You'll need the feed dogs up, and the foot pressure pretty light to avoid marking the paper -- experiment to find the minimum amount of pressure that will keep the paper moving along smoothly.

I've only done this one page at a time. OTOH, it only takes about five seconds to start a page, stitch, set aside. Under an hour for a ream, and it's mindless, so you can do it during television shows.

NOTE: if you do this, set that needle aside and never try to use it for real sewing.

Perforation Tools

Why perforate?

I was curious about this product, and looked it up -- this is just pre-punched paper set to a standard size. I suppose if you use FiloFax software, you can print your forms to the paper, and then tear them out.

For the all the trouble of hand-perforating the paper, I would say: print the forms first, then have a print shop cut them down to size for you. I am guessing that you have a punch already to make holes in the smaller pages.

Here is an image of the paper that illustrates what the product is. In my mind, this seems wasteful and expensive, when you could have paper cut so much more cheaply and easily, but I certainly may not have your final purpose in mind.