Planner needed!

I am looking for a planner that locks like a journal. Has anyone seen or heard of anything like this. I want to put some personal things in my planner and I want to be able to lock it if necessary.

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Lockable filofaxes

I have seen a heavy duty filofax with a keylock used by someone in a security related job. But I don't know if that filofax is still made or if it was a special issue. It would be worthwhile emailling filofax to ask if they have them.

It should be easy enough to modify a zipped filofax or similar organiser by adding a small ring to the planner just where the zipper closes. That way you could lock the zipper catch to the body of the planner with a little padlock.

Two zipper pulls

A variation on that theme would be to get a zippered planner with two zipper pulls (the kind that sort of meet in the middle). You could put a tiny padlock of the luggage variety through both zipper pulls. I have a couple of padfolios with the double-pull zipper, I can't remember where I've seen a planner with them, but they probably exist... ?

You could also just buy a

You could also just buy a locking journal with the pages already dated? They must exist somewhere...