Hello! And Letterfu

Hello! I'm not so much of a fugitive from on-screen reading and working, but I do find my printer to be the most useful peripheral attached to my computer.

I'm joining because I thought a website I've finished constructing might be relevant to the aims of D*I*Y planner: Letterfu.com. It provides templates for printing onto the rear of written (or, I suppose, printed) letters such that they can be folded up to form their own envelopes.

Let me know what you think, and whether it's relevant to this website.

Alex Macmillan

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I like neat-o stuff like

I like neat-o stuff like this. :)

I dl'ed and tried yours out, and I like it better than the folding method I had before.

The problem is, you end up with openings everywhere -- the full lengths of both sides, and a long diagonal one across the front (or maybe back -- there seemed to be address areas on both sides?)

I can see using it for a love note hand delivered -- or maybe slipped into a lunch box -- but I can't help but think that the very first time one of these letters meets a modern high-speed sorter it's going to be turned into confetti. :(

Tried and tested?

Yeah, I wrote letterfu after having sent a bunch of folding letters in this style to a couple of friends in Britain (and one in Canada), and was delighted when they made it through absolutely fine. I also "tested" letterfu by sending myself a letter from my university - miraculously, it arrived at the door of our (non-halls) flat without a postmark on it, but I couldn't bring myself to reuse the stamp.

Letterfu took off last night when lifehacker.com published it! I was utterly delighted, and hope that any letters sent as a result of the publicity make it to their destinations okay...


A nice idea, a well-done site, and a great job with the designs, my friend! I must admit that I haven't actually sent a letter with it yet, but then again, I send an average of two paper letters a year. ;-)