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Hi everyone. I am hoping for some help here.

I work at a high school where my primary role is as a sports administrator (football-soccer) and I also teach 4 PE classes. I have been using a planner for organising my schedule and to do list and a seperate diary for organising my lessons, etc.

I was able to find a planner in B5 size which I make own pages for obviously (see a previous thread I started.) My task now is to find a way of combining my daily schedule, task lists and lesson planner into 1 planner so I take everything I need everywhere.

My question is, are there other teachers/administrators (maybe heads of faculty, deputy principals, etc) out there who use diy planners? Any ideas, thoughts, templates?


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Teacher-type Planner Pages

Here are a few templates I found on this site that may help...


Hope this helps a little...
nay nay

Thanks Nay Nay. I saw those.

Thanks Nay Nay.
I saw those. The first one may make an interesting starting position to design my own.

I'm not sure you'll find much that includes lesson plans...

...because most schools I've dealt with require all instructors to use the same lesson plan book. Not wanting to have to write everything down twice, most teachers I know don't keep lesson plans in their day planner. They keep a school-standard lesson plan book, and then a day planner with more general data (their to-dos, appointments, etc) which may include both personal and professional info.

Also, if you keep your lesson plans in your day planner instead of a separate lesson plan book, do you leave your day planner with the sub when you are away from school?


G'day Susan, Until now

G'day Susan,
Until now (though it may change with any future Government regulation) schools in Australia do not require staff to use a specific type of planner. It is up to the individual's preference. My school provides staff with a lesson planner but I do not like it so I dont use it.

When you are absent for a day you have to submit lesson plans on seperate sheets of paper for each lesson as your supers are likely to be split amongst different supply/internal staff.

I am trying to avoid 2 things:
1. having to write my lessons into my planner and then write them out again in the teaching pages
2. making to do notes in my teaching book in class and then missing them because I have 2 lists on the go or at best having to transfer them over to my day planner.