Creating a "disc" bound planner


I am a planner and I have always wished that I could combine the pro's of a ring bound and wire planner into one that I love. I was reading and it seems that using the the disc's and a hole punch I can create my own. Is that correct? Also, I like Franklin covey's pages, but they already have holes punched into them, does that mean I can't use their pages but have to print my own?

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Faux Disc bound

There was a discussion about this earlier but with comb bound instead of wire bound.

Basically to disc bind there's a paper punch to put mushroom shaped holes along the edge of a page. then you put your discs on a pile of paper that's been smurfed. The same concept of being able to move pages using other binding types can be had by cutting a slit on the paper at the back of the hole for your preferred binding.

You can also hole punch your paper and cut the slit to get thicker things to hang on your discs.

Finally on another thread Judy of the woods made her own rings from a plastic milk carton handle. It was labor intensive.

go to...

Levenger dot com and see if you like the disc system.

Check out Levenger's site

Check out Levenger's site for more info on Circa:

I've used a circa punch on paper that has been three hole punched. It was functional, but it didn't look very nice. It looks like Franklin Covey sells a weekly planner refill that fits Rollabind, which is the ame as Levnger's Circa.

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You can use a Circa punch and rings to make your own planner.

I've used a Circa punch on paper that has been three hole punched. It is functional, but it doesn't look very nice. I'm sure it would be the same for pages that were punched with seven holes.

Franklin Covey sells a weekly planner refill for the Rollabind system, which is the same as Levneger's Circa.

Try it first...

Before investing in the Circa or Mindology (Atoma) systems, though, you can try the paper removal/insertion by just snipping the space between the holes on your regular-punched paper -- like your Franklin-Covey pages -- and then pushing the paper on to the rings along those new cuts. I'm a disc-bound believer, but I'm also all for saving money.

What made disc-binding most useful for me was being able to print my own forms and bind them. I had a F.C. planner but wasn't really using it. Once I got out of the mentality of needing to use a page-per-day, Circa made more sense for me. I have a home-made planner that honestly doesn't get used very much now. My biggest uses for the discs have been to make bounds stacks of 3x5 cards for my projects at work, and to keep my typed NaNoWriMo draft bound up as I edit it. Both of those applications are ideal (for me) for disc binding.