Looking for a very slim 5.5"x8.5" binder

I love my desk/classic sized pages, but I need to carry fewer of them than I once did. My 1" ring binder has begun to feel quite bulky. I am searching for a 1/2" (ideally) or 3/4" (at most) ring binder with the following properties:

-- Fits 7-hole-punched Daytimer pages (though a 3- or 5-ring binder that doesn't use all 7 holes is fine)

-- Slip, snap, or no tab

-- A pocket for small notes and such

-- Available in some color I wouldn't be ashamed to show up at a business meeting with (ideally black, but also brown or maybe navy)

-- Under $35, preferably closer to $25 (though I'd consider a more expensive option if it were "just right" and more affordable alternatives were lacking)

-- Room to slide a pad into the back is nice, but not required.

Any suggestions?


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I was looking for the EXACT same thing for my work planner

And it has everything you mentioned. I found a 3 ring address book binder that's perfect. It was on clearance sale at Office Depot for 10 bucks! However I can't find it online anywhere. :( It's black faux leather with blue vinyl lining in the inside, and same color stitching on the outside (also available in lime green lining and stitching). Unfortunatly I can't find it anywhere online. I can only assume that it's discountinued. Basically, for the ring size you're looking for, you'll have to try to find 3 ring address books. Although the site isn't very helpful, you can try going to blueskyimg.com and try to contact them. the UPC code is 847037100118. Happy hunting!

try day-timer...

Alex's Lemonade Stand Binder -- Desk-size
List Price: $59.99

this has 3/4" rings.