Routine Task Tracking

* Updated 8/5
- Separated Daily/Weekly and Monthly
- Added a two up version
- Added AM/PM blocks per request
Use this form for routine items that may recur.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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Usage advice: 

Some solutions that this form may provide are: keeping your monthly and daily calendars cleaner, write or type the information one time per month, and simple analog frequency method. At the end of the month I evaluate what went well and what did not, keeping what I need and deleting what I do not. I hope that you may find it useful.

Creative Commons
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Open Office, PDF reader
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This is what I'm looking for.
very good~

Re: Great

I am glad that it can help. Let me know how it works out for you and if there are any suggestions that would make it better .



I am new to this site and love the forms. I have on my "to-do" list to come up with a schedule for me to get out of the house everyday, and to continue for the evening. I am so forgetful that I forget to take my vitamins, my meds, even bring my planner to work, etc. I was thinking this would be great for that. It might be helpful to have an a.m. and p.m. on it. I am wondering - is it simple enough to convert to letter page size? Or can you direct me on how to do it? Thanks so much. :)

Re: Question

Thanks for the comment. Adding am and pm would be a snap ( I will have one up by this week), and if you are using Acrobat I believe that you could scale it in printing.

- Andre

Hi - Great form...thanks!

Hi - Great form...thanks! May I ask for some ideas/examples on what it could be best used for?

How I use this form

I actually have a handful of things that must get done routinely (both personal and work) at different frequencies. I would love to put them on my monthly calendar (but space does not permit), or my daily pages (but it gets old rewriting the same information everyday. So here is a few ways of how I would use this form:
Working on a project of goal - I think that either one of these need to have something(s) that you do routinely at a minimum of twice a week to be effective. Example; Review P&L once a week for X line item results/amount -> Insert task name 2) mark frequency and circle how many times to repeat. Since I look @ this checklist everyday I can easily see if this week I have done it twice

For things I may forget about - Write my brothers once a month (task name) 2 mark frequency

At the end of the month I look at my big picture and keep things that I still need and eliminate the ones that I no longer need.

I hope this helps