It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year !!!

Reference: an old Staples commercial showing a dad frolicking through the store buying school supplies for two dismal, gloomy children.

I mentioned to one store employee that it was amusing to see the school supplies going up barely after the smoke has cleared from the Fourth of July fireworks.

Well, a lot of us will not be going back to school, but there will be lots of new paper pr0n to obsess over.

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa !

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get ready, get set, go

Ok, so I need to clear out the shelves in my office to store all the new loot. Everyone keep us posted on the new/exciting/useful stuff they find. We are now on a mission.

School Supply Santa...

Just wondering - does anyone have anything special they are hoping to find this year courtesy of School Supply Santa?!

Exacatacaly !!

Anything special !!
New would also be nice, but special is a MUST !
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Yes, I was there for the third time this week (it's only Tuesday) and I didn't go over the weekend. I was getting my 'organizing fix' in and low and behold, they re-designed the store. I can't find anything. So, of course I had to go up and down the aisles looking at everything available for sale (as if I didn't know what they had before the re-design). I picked up this, and that and then stopped in front of the beautiful 'Post it Note' section, my heart be still. I love Post it notes and kept trying to incorporate GTD with Post it notes. I hate re-writing anything so the constant GTD lists drove me crazy. I write on Post it notes, (one note to a project - the 4x6 size is the best as you can add more info) and move the post it note to the appropriate category in my book - delegating, waiting for, etc. No re-writing. When I'm finished with the project, it goes into a 4x6 index card box. (I do not work for Post it Notes, I work for a University).
Today I found the best thing after I went to the Post it Notes website: Digital Post it Notes! I downloaded the free 30 day trial, and set up my folders for Jan - Dec, and Mon - Sunday on a 'Memo board' (it looks like a big cork bulletin board). I also set up my 'waiting for', delegated to, etc folders. I file my projects alphabetically, so I created 13 tabs (A/B, C/D, etc) to save room on the memo board.
I write a post it note and move it to the location I want. I can change the color of the note, change the size and move it from tab to tab. I created a "Done" tab and move the completed tasks to this tab. I can print the tab I want or the entire cork board. I can export the file to another computer, but it seems you have to buy a copy of the software for each computer (approx $19). Heck, I spent that amount today on new post it notes!

I really like this system and wondered if anyone else has seen this product or is using something like this. I have 29 days left of my trial.

I'm hoping it might take the place of the three huge storage bins containing the remnants of my previous 'organizing obsessions'. I have the carcasses of: Daytimers (8x11, 5x8, 3x5) and all the assorted accessories, Harvard Planners, Planner Pads, a huge assortment of Scan Plan products, (I wrote a comment about these before), Franklin Covey, QuoVadis, tons of my own organizing forms, lots of the forms from this website (when I discovered this site I thought I'd died and gone to heaven), a Palm IIIc, Palm T5, Palm Centro, index cards in all sizes, photo sleeves, blank business cards (in an attempt to write my projects on this and keep things small - didn't work, I felt like I was shuffling cards all day long), dividers (all sizes), etc. It's July 2009, so of course I'm on my fifth 2009 calendar as I can't seem to find the perfect one.

Is there a forum for those of us who want to sell all our organizers? They're in near perfect condition as I was terrifed to use them as I had paid so much for them, and I didn't want to ruin them, but eventually would someday....

But I digress. Any feedback on the digital Post It Notes? Has anyone used it?

Indeed there is. Click on

Indeed there is. Click on "Forums" and head to "The Bazaar."

Digital post its

I've been considering that software but haven't had time to play with it. Maybe after you've used it for a couple of weeks you could give us a review? A screenshot p0rn picture or two... ?? :-)

ECO Notebooks at Target

Our local Target has the best selection of notebooks I've ever seen at back-to-school time. Most are just stunning covers with the same old crappy paper inside. BUT -- at the end of the notebooks section they have an eco notebooks section (didn't see a brand name, but they're 70% recycled, nontoxic soy ink, made in Taiwan). They come bundled in sets of four composition book-type notebooks. The paper feels nice and the lines are pale brown, barely discernable from the cream-colored paper. (Paper is also heavier weight than that usually found in spiral notebooks and composition books.) Two sizes were available: something just smaller than a standard composition book, and another that looked to be classic planner sized. I don't like any of the pre-printed planner pages I've seen for 2010 and I'm thinking of using the classic-size set to draw a totally free-form planner for 2010.

i saw these too :) so

i saw these too :) so tempting! i have a 3 by 5 inch by the same company - greenroom ECO - I like the paper a lot.

There is a lot of bleed through with my fountain pens but my Uniball Signos and Sharpie pens work just fine :)

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stone paper notebooks...

Yep, oh so wonderful time of the year! Found the best so far-Oxford Earth Care Notebooks, made with stone paper. Anyone else discovered these?
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Where did you find yours ?

The original post about it said it was found at Walgreen's
None of the Walgreen's in my area have it.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Found at Walgreens also. I

Found at Walgreens also. I could not get any additional information regarding them from Walgreen managers regarding whether or not they would be getting more.

Too much of everything [I love] is just enough. Calvin and Hobbes