Circa zip folio: Bomber or Livingstone

I am going to get myself a letter-size Circa zip folio for my PhD completion. (My parents are getting me a Pilot M90. Well, I got it, but they are keeping it in their house until I successfully defend my dissertation!)

The Levenger Bomber Jacket is 20$ more expensive than the Livingstone. Is the quality of the leather so much better?

Thanks for any input you may have!

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grog, If you buy it now,


If you buy it now, both are on sale at Levenger. I think the major differences seem to be that the Bomber Jacket has the plaid cloth lining, while the Livingstone has a plain leather lining. It also looks like the Bomber Jacket is more pebbled than the Livingstone, but that's a guess. Also, the Bomber Jacket leather only comes in a rich dark brown color. The Livingstone comes in black. I have a Bomber Jacket junior foldover notebook and I like the feel of the leather. I would think they are both the high quality leatherwork you normally see from Levenger.

Livingstone Letter Zip Folio Black on sale for $89.95
Bomber Jacket Letter Zip Folio on sale for $99.95

Either one would be a luxurious present to yourself!

Good luck on your defense.


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Thanks Walter! I might get

Thanks Walter! I might get the Livingstone because I think the cloth inside the bomber would eventually get dirty. I hadn't thought about that before.

I'll even get my name engraved on it. :D

Don't forget the PhD after your name...

Maybe better to wait until after the committee signs off on your dissertation, as not to jinx it? :-)

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Albert Einstein and Buckaroo Banzai

Totally go for the Bomber if

Totally go for the Bomber if you like very pebbled leather. If you like not so pebbled leather and something smoother then choose Livingston. I wish Levenger still had that espresso color which I love on my Pocket Briefcase. Sorry if theres any errors here but im at Peter Island with no computer besides that its a paradise

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I've ordered the Livingstone

I've ordered the Livingstone in black after all!

And "PhD" does not fit... which is probably a good thing. Not too comfortable with "Dr." either. One or the other will probably have to go on my business card though.


Can't wait!

From a PhD to a PhD-to-be --

From a PhD to a PhD-to-be -- don't put it on your credit cards. I was so excited about my doctorate that when I got a new credit card shortly after the degree, I put "Dr." on it. Then I traveled to a few places where one was expected to barter for purchases. It made me feel uncomfortable.

And yes, I'd wait until you've defended and your committee has signed. I know of grad students who thought they'd be defending in 6 months and it turned into a year and a half... also students that still had to work for 6 months after their defense...

Thanks Kati! My husband is

Thanks Kati!

My husband is the other kind of doctor and I'm firmly against putting "Dr" anywhere near his name where it's not needed. It just flags you as a great candidate for more junkmail!