Another Amazing Renaissance Art Giveaway

Once again, Renaissance Art is promoting another random product giveaway on their blog. This time, the item up for grabs is a prototype 3x5 ring binder. of our new versatile 3 x 5 one-inch ring binders ($20). Leather lined (no suede side showing), these hand-held helpers hold about 80 cards (if the cardstock is a super-sturdy acid-free100 brightness 100# cardstock), more with other company’s lighter card stock, and will come in every color we offer: rustic brown and black and all seven Rustic Elegance colors. And the exposed rings don’t just look good—they help the covers stay flat.

To enter in the giveaway, all you need to do is go on over to the Renaissance Art blog and leave a comment at THIS POST.

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Enter Me!

Would love to win something

Enter to win at Renaissance Art's blog site

Please visit the renaissance-art blog for detailed information on how to win that binder. If you "post" to this thread on D*I*Y Planner you will not be entered.

Once again, the entry post is at:


RA 3X5 binder = WOW!

Well, I purchased the newest item from RA and it just arrived on my desk.... The first word that came to mind was WOW (with cute and adorable right behind)! The leather, as always, is beautiful, the craftmanship is perfect, the price was very affordable (esp compared to Lev)and the product itself is another great idea from Arthur and his crew! I got the colors avacado on the outside and black for the interior. I LOVE IT! It is compact and absolutely beautiful!

Thanks Artbeast for another GREAT product and one that is going to last for years to come!

nay nay


Mine was supposed to be delivered Saturday, but of course my office was closed, and *grrrr* FedEx decided they had to wait for TODAY to try to redeliver. I am being impatient, 'cause I want it NOW. (Mine is cranberry and black, with the strap.)


I can always use something

I can always use something handy for all my index cards for my students especially something stylish.

Feels so good it's embarrassing

I won this and I love it. The leather is so so soft, supple and beautiful that I have to admit that during a recent long, cross-country drive, I would dig it out of my purse just to feel it in my hand. Thank you, Renaissance Art!!! (And they were great about shipping it -- I got it right away.)