Use heavy weight paer

Just found your website. I've been GTDing it since beginning of this year and carry my own "hipster" PDA. I love the templates and just printed out a few.

One thing I've found to be great hack is the use of heavy weight paper. I bought 60# paper in different colors and use it for printing things that I want to give .. . well, give weight to -- pardon the pun. I used them to print out a few of the templates which I've put in my wallet/hipster. Yes, this paper is more expensive than regular paper (20#) but to me it is worth it.

Just one hack that I really like.

Maurice del Prado
IBM, San Jose, CA

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Hello and (belated)

Hello and (belated) welcomes.

I use colored paper a fair bit in my planner too - but I save the heavy paper for things like my To Do list, and pages that I want to last. I don't use the hipster, but I do use some of its templates. Templates I want to last are my personal info pages, contact lists and bus information. Which templates do you print in the heavier paper?