Zipper/pouch/slim bag for Circa classic and hipster?

Hi. My hipster and classic planners have hard covers that protect against body sweat, but not against rain, anybody knows a solution that does not add significant size?
I have seen some of the zip folio offerings at Levenger, but they appear to add a huge amount of volume to the classic size.

I originally cut plastic sheets to create my classic sized planner, which fit perfect in my navy blue slim pencil pouch from Walmart. Then I started using the Franklyn Rollabind notepad, as it is more professional looking, but it added just enough size to no longer fit the pencil pouch (just a little too wide).

I used to have a navy blue plastic pouch for my Palm, would have been the perfect size for the hipster, and still fit comfortably in my pocket, but I lost it, and I have no idea how to get another, or what it was originally for. And no, a sandwich baggy would not fit a professional look.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Craft store


I would suggest finding the biggest craft store around and perusing all their various storage options for craft gear. For example, the scrapbooking section may have plastic zip envelopes for storing bits and bobs.. That would give you the widest selection of possible doodads.

At the office supply store they'll have various zip or elastic envelopes for various sized documents--if you go for a tyvek model you can cut it with scissors and use packing tape to 'stitch' it back together where you want your seams. Tyvek is very durable and easy-to-find..

Another possibility would be to take a look at the packaging of other ordinary things--such as twin sheet sets at Walmart.. I bought a queen set not long ago that was packaged in a nice clear vinyl zip envelope that was (too big for your use) big enough to use as an organizer in my travel baggage.. A mattress pad yielded an even bigger heavy duty zip pouch. Now, sheet sets are not cheap, even at walmart.. but ordinary packaging might do you right.

Just depends on what look you want and how far you want to go. For that matter, if you have a food sealer you can take one of the roll-type bags and make a pouch that will fit..


Try Rite in the Rain

Rite in the Rain makes paper and notebooks that are water resistant. They're most commonly used by outdoorsmen, the military, and anyone else who works outside and is subjected to the elements. I believe that their web address is -



I have already exhausted the office supply stores in my area (the big chains anyways, and a few local ones), but it never occurred to me to step foot in a craft store, will have to try it out.

I don't mind plastic, but I prefer to avoid the appearance of a sandwich baggy if possible, since I use my classic sized planner for work. Some dark color and not clear will be good.

Belkin netbook sleeve

Hey, how about a netbook sleeve? Like these, maybe, from Belkin:


I tried my classic size notebook in mine, and it worked well.

why didn't I think of this before???

I have been looking & looking for the perfect way to carry a Circa notebook & every other solution I have seen is much more expensive and doesn't have everything I want. My ideal solution would:

-be under $50
-have room for at least two pens and/or pencils
-be able to accommodate larger pens (I like using fountain pens).
-have a zip closure
-be able to take larger Circa notebooks. My current planner is on 3/4" rings (or is it 1/2"?) and I've pretty much outgrown it.

A netbook case would hold a 1" Circa notebook for sure and have room for a couple pens & pencils.


Outstanding idea!

I bought a discontinued Marware laptop neoprene sleeve/bag for $5 some time ago, and it's great as a waterproof padded bag for just about anything up to letter size paper. It even came with handles and a shoulder strap. Overkill for your needs, but if you search around, you may find deals like it.

Now, if I could justify buying a small laptop, I could use it for its intended purpose! :-)


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A pencil case

Have a look in an art supply store and see what they have in their pencil case/pouch section. You should be able to find a large vinyl or plastic zipped pencil case, pencil pouch or paintbrush pouch.

You may have to hunt to find one without a cartoon character on it - although I quite like my A4 (almost letter) sized Marvin the Martian pencil case and it only cost me $2 at a bargain shop. :)

Also, check out any stores that sell equipment for travelling overseas (passport pouches etc) or sports stores that specialise in mountain climbing, hiking or fishing gear. Lots of lightweight, waterproof pouches etc to be found there.

Another option involves buying stationery. Some sets of cheap pens come in plastic 'pocket protector' folders that might be the right size for your hipster. Or you could just buy a pocket protector, if you can find one

AT-A-GLANCE Planner Cover

I have tried different options at the stores, including the netbook cases. Pretty cool, lots of space, but too large for my taste.
As mentioned above, I previous had tried a pencil case from Walmart, reinforced with a mini clipboard for a writing surface (plastic sheets are not rigid enough). That's when I went the Franklyn Rolla route

I am now trying an AT-A-GLANCE Planner Cover (12 bucks at Office Depot). It is intended for a 4 7/8 X 8 planner, but my Rolla junior fits nicely though snugly. I have put aside the Franklyn for now as it will not fit (I originally intended to cover it as is). This cover closes with a zipper, the main feature I was looking for.

It comes with a notepad which can be taken out to fit more things. I put my most frequently used pens and markers, my classic planner with plastic sheets, and stuffed in there my hipster. It is a tight fit, but it will protect reasonably well from rain without adding any size to my original setup (after removing the Franklyn of course, which is a bit bulky by itselt).

I am unsure whether I will stick with it, but I did accomplish my desire to not have increased space.

Still need to try the craft store thing, I still need to protect my hipster when I am not carrying my other planner.