a diy wedding planner?

I fell off the organizational wagon and am buried in chaos. I think I can dig myself out and started the great unearthing tonight.

I became engaged yesterday and now have a wedding to plan on top of the usual mess :) I have no idea where to start so I am hoping that there is a "diy planner" type of book or website out there than can guide me through this :) Or if any of you diyplanner folks created any forms to use, hints and nudge would be uber. Any advice will be *greatly* appreciated (as always). Thanks much!

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Try Googling "wedding

Try Googling "wedding planner", and you'll get a whole bunch of sites with tools for the purpose.

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Wedding planning sites will definitely help you remember all the things you *could* do with your wedding.

The important part is going to be to make sure you don't mistake those things for things you *should* have at your wedding.

Unless you really want to spend $10,000 plus on your wedding, don't let a book or website convince you that you *need* this or that..

It's all about you and your fiance. It's supposed to be fun and happy, not full of anxiety.

disclaimer: my wedding 16 years ago cost about $2000, including the rings, reception, food, drinks and invitations. Obviously I didn't have all the stuff a wedding planner would have said I should have, starting with 'the dress'. :)


Very happy for you and your fiance, Sara. Shris is right - make it about you and your betrothed as much as possible. Stress comes from the outsiders (including family, sometimes) who say how a wedding should be.

If you choose to register for gifts, they usually give out a folder with all of the to-do's in it, and forms. I've also seen a lot of notebook-type planners in gift card stores (Hallmark comes to mind) from which you can lift some ideas for your own forms.

One quick tip -- have your invites and thank you cards at the same time (DIY or purchased). As your RSVPs come in, fill out the address on the thank you card envelope -- it saves a lot of time on the other side of the big day.


thank you all

I am definitely not into the huge gala extraordinaire weddings ... my goal is to be the complete opposite of a bridezilla. In the end, I just really want to be able to cherish and enjoy the day - start to finish.

I am planning a trip to the library tomorrow (day off) and I'll take the "cut and paste" approach...

Our budget is very tight so I have a feeling a lot of stuff is going to be minimal or DIY... which yall know I **LOVE**.

I'll use your advice to remind me that it is OUR day.

Thank you all so much! :)

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Congrats & an idea

Congratulations Sara! I know you won't be a bridezilla, that's for sure.

I have an idea for table decorations to make it truly a DIY experience. Pick up a packet of shiny colored construction paper and smurf it with your Rollabind punch. The smurfs will make nice confetti for the table tops.

If you're having a reception, reserve the hall now. At my wedding, the availability of the hall determined our wedding date.


DIY Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement. If you want some good tips on what is and is not “required” for your wedding, I highly recommend “Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior”. Not only does it cover things like timing for invitations and types of proper tuxedos, but also planning a wedding “within your means”. (As an example, it’s perfectly proper to have an afternoon wedding and serve only tea and cake.) And it’s a very funny read.

Consider creating a timeline for your wedding, including key dates and cash outlays (Invitations, reservations on locations, flowers, etc). This can be useful when overlaid with your paydays and a general budget. Just remember, the ceremony is about celebrating your marriage, not your bank account!

I had a low budget wedding too. We had a small romantic service at the minister’s house, the 5pm after-work reception in my backyard with refreshments and 6’long submarine sandwiches, and then spent the majority of the money on our honeymoon. If you are brave, have someone video tape the service and interview folks at the reception- ask how they know the couple, any favorite stories and any hopes for the future. I still enjoy watching that tape on our anniversary.

DIY/Low-budget wedding

My first wedding was definitely a low-budget affair. I bought my dress and veil "off the rack", I baked my own cake, the wedding and reception were at a friend's house, and family and friends made all the food.

The ceremony was lovely (we wrote our own vows), and everyone had a good time.

I hope you have a wonderful wedding!

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

can anyone recommend?

A website where I can post wedding details and get input from the fiance and family? I was thinking Spring Pad but I can't make just one area public - its all or nothing. I was going to look at Evernote but was hoping yall may have an option :)

Thank you all!

PS - i just discovered i am looking for a "collaboration tool" :) ... hope that helps describe what i need a bit better.

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Are you on Mac or PC?

If you're on PC, I can recommend Microsoft Office Live for an online collaboration space. It's free, and it gives you a space where you can post all different kinds of documents and share them with the people of your choosing. They can edit or comment on them, and everything's in one place.

I don't know how compatible it is with Mac.

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

How about a blog ?

There are plenty of free blog sites, just make a new one for your wedding.

So, tell us about your S.O. ...
Is he a paper junkie like you or what ?
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matt is not as into planner paraphernalia as I am but he does have quite a collection of sketch books and art pens :D

I attempted to show him how much easier things were with a small calendar but that is collecting dust under his night stand right now :/

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Springpad wedding planner

Sara, congrats! I am newly engaged (feb09) and I work at springpad, which is how I found out about the wedding planner. I hear ya about it being all or nothing when it comes to sharing, but you prob want to share or will end up sharing most everything (minus the dress) with Matt. You might want to consider just sharing a springpad account with him for the planning. And if you want to share other things like: location ideas, possible vendors, etc with your fam and friends, it's prob easiest just to make those things public and then ask for votes. Grabbing the public URL and sharing that via email is probably best, that way unless they are using springpad and constantly keeping tabs on you, they probably don't know what you are doing in springpad, but you can alert them to something new in your springpad.

I am a new user at springpadit and we are always making improvements, so there are other sites that I started using before. Theknot.com is great just to tell you what to do when, it's generic, but its good about keeping you on task about stuff you might not remember on your own. But it doesn't really allow for sharing either...

Good luck, and feel free to email me with questions or suggestions. thereasa@springpartners.com.

wedding website

take a look at cozi.com to see if that is what you are looking for...

Circa Wedding Notebook

First of all, congratulations to you and your partner on your engagement! This is fantastic news!

When we got married two years ago I seized the opportunity to create a Circa junior-sized notebook dedicated to the task. (Letter would have worked better for a lot of the papers, but would not fit in my usual shoulder bag.) It did not have much in terms of sections, but it was full of lists of all sorts that got moved around all the time, and a bunch of papers I received from vendors or instructions for certain things (the legal aspects of the affair) were punched and added to the notebook. I did not seek to organize a whole lot more than that.

On another DIY note: I used Vistaprint (their Canadian site - but I think they have an American one too, and you'll find other options) to print our wedding invitations and thank you cards. We also did a limited number of "save the date" magnets for out-of-town close friends/relatives, just for fun, and used Vistaprint for that too. For the save-the-date, I used a photo of us at the top of a local mountain, with our name and the date, nothing else (so it's also a souvenir from the wedding, in a way). For the invitation, I used another cool, active picture of us (also featuring a local landscape) with the text of the invitation on top. It was a very popular fridge ornament for relatives and friends, as was the thank-you card (also 3X8 photo card - the back takes fountain pen ink very well for a more personal note) which was a collage of various photos from the wedding. I had a lot of fun doing those three, and they were all pretty cheap in the end. (If you want the files for those, I'll gladly send them to you.) I also put together an album with MyPublisher and printed off copies for our parents and closest relatives/friends. If ever it gets ruined by water or otherwise, I can just get more printed.

I do not believe it is true that it's only about the happy couple: marriage is also about bringing together a lot of different traditions and expectations, some of which you were not even aware you had! I see it as a great opportunity to learn more than you ever knew about your partner, your respective families, and the rest of your surrounding. Embrace the process, don't sweat the small stuff... and don't take it personal if other people do sweat the small stuff. Enjoy!


When two daughters married within two months of each other I found what I needed on www.About.com. Type in weddings. Forms, checklists, possible vows, etc. Give it a try.

diy wedding thank yous

for my sister's wedding, we took a picture of the bride & groom after the wedding holding a sign that said THANK YOU (I just wrote thank you really big on poster board)! I printed it in black and white on normal greeting card stock found at Office Depot while they were on their honeymoon. They turned out GREAT!!

Belated Congratulations!

I've been off the site for a while - Congrats! I'm very happy for you :)