Where to go (to try out/buy stuff)?


I am living in Norway and I have not yet discovered a lot of interesting shops for pens (other than Cross and Parker), special paper etc. Some bookshops have a little bit of this and a little bit of that - but nothing in the range I believe one can find abroad.

Fortunately I get to travel and was thinking of a thread where "locals" from this site could state country, city, shop and shop-type for those of us visiting. Local expertise is way better than just trawling a city trying to find something and by doing this one could easily plan a shopping spree

UK - London - "A Pen Shop" on Somestreet 13 - Pens, nibs, ink. Excellent service.

If this is allowed on the forum, country and city could be added as the first/subject line in replies to this post giving a good overview.



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SF Bay area?

I think this is a great idea. I'd love to get the scoop on local stationery and pen shops in the San Francisco area. Any locals? Pleeeze? :-)

Paris, France

I am not a local but I have endlessly looked for paper and pens there. Is that of interest to you?